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Custom printed food packaging 

Serve your drinks or food with custom printed takeaway packaging, and present your business to your customers at all times during their meal. No matter if you need cups for... Read more

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Our team of designers will gladly help you with making the perfect design for your food packaging. We can with some products also make a 3D proof of the design before it is sent to production. The only thing you have to do is choose the product and size you want and then click on to the design upload step. 

EU's largest selection of branded food packaging

We offer EU’s largest selection of branded food packaging such as paper cups, paper bags, greaseproof paper, and food boxes. We offer several sizes of each product and you can also choose between different delivery times, so you can find the quantity, delivery time, and size that fits your purpose no matter what. Even though we have a low minimum order quantity, we can also make larger quantities, and the printing method used for the products ensures that the first one looks exactly the same as number one million. Our most sold products are our paper cups, ice cream cups, and greaseproof paper

We always want to make our selection better and larger, and offer the most relevant products. So if you cannot find the product that you are looking for, then do not hesitate to contact us - with our large supplier network, we can find the right solution for you!

Branded food packaging for all purposes

The different kinds of food packaging are used by both the local ice cream shop or the burger joint chain with different locations. We do of course also help cafées, coffee shops, and juice bars with our selection of paper cups, plastic cups, and paper straws, whereas our paper bread bags and paper cups are used by bakeries and local businesses that sell bakery products as a snack for their customers. 

Our products do not only fit companies that sell a lot of takeaway food or drinks, but they are also perfect for the companies looking to go to fairs or having events where they want to sample their products. We do especially help a lot of alcohol brands with making sampling events for their brand since our paper cups can be made strong enough to be able to contain alcohol. It is not only our paper cups that are used for events but so are our popcorn boxes, ice cream cups, and bread bags. The popcorn boxes and ice cream cups are more standard for fairs and handing out, where the bread bags are normally used by companies who are looking to promote their newest product in their category. 

Our ice cream cups with lids are mostly used by companies who are looking to sell ice cream or frozen yogurt in the supermarkets because the cups can be frozen down without any problems. 

Personalised takeaway packaging with the print you want

Branded takeaway packaging is an easy way and cost-effective way for you to show your business and tell its story to your customers and potential customers. We always want to give you the most possibilities when you show your brand, why we are able to print multiple colours on all of our products, so you can let your creativity shine. 

We can with most of our paper products print with CMYK colours which allow you to used as many colours in the design as you want without having to pay anything extra. We do though print our plastic cups, bread bags, and greaseproof paper with Pantone colours, which means that you have to pay extra for each colour you choose. The great thing about Pantone is that you can get more specific colours in the design though. 

Designing and getting branding on your to-go packaging and especially a design that is in alignment with your companies brand gives a huge value. It is both in terms of recognition and reminding potential customers of you when they have to make a decision of where they should go out to eat or grab a cup of coffee next time they are around.  

How is the print made?

All of our products except our plastic cups from 1.000 pcs. are made with offset print, because it is the best printing method to ensure that the quality of the print is the same no matter how many there are produced. The printing plates when using offset printing are a bit expensive which also makes the price fall drastically the more you order of the same size and design. 

European quality at great prices

We have the vision of making to-go packaging available for the many, and thererefore we only work with manufacturers in Europe to ensure faster delivery, lower minimum order quantities, and great prices. We do offer the possibility of delivery in 3 weeks for most of our products, and even for some we can deliver in under a week. So if you have a deadline, please reach out to us and we will do everything we can to reach it. 

We do not only make custom printed food packaging available by lower minimum order quantities and fast delivery, but we also prioritize the price of our products, why we offer a 105% price guarantee on all of our products. But to ensure that our prices are always the best on the market, some of our products also have a higher minimum order quantity than 1.000 pcs.

Another great thing about working with European manufacturers is the CO2 emission during transportation is really in contrast to getting products delivered from Asia, where most custom printed food packaging is made. 

Environmentally friendly options

Sustainability and environmentally friendly food packaging is of course also an area we prioritize very high, why most of our products come in a bio version. We do offer our paper cups with biodegradable coating and in FSC® certified paper, and our plastic cups are made from 50% recycled plastic. 

Whereas most of our paper products such as bread bags, paper straws, and greaseproof paper are 100% degradable in nature due to they are made of 100% paper. We do with all of these products also offer the possibility of them being FSC® certified but we do have a lot higher minimum order quantity than we have with our normal paper products. When the paper is FSC certified it means that the paper comes from forestry that plants more trees than it cut down and the workers have good conditions. 

Can the products be made from recycled paper? The short answer is, unfortunately, no. This is due to the strict regulations of food contact materials, since it can be difficult to clean the paper from all the former chemicals and it is therefore not used for branded food packaging. 

The paper from food packaging can be recycled and newspapers, magazines, and flyers can be made from recycled paper. So it is important to remember to throw out paper food packaging in the recycling trash bin. 

Food safe branded takeaway packaging

All of our custom printed packaging is approved to be in contact with food and drinks, and they live up to the standards of food contact materials made by the EU. The ink used on all of our products is taste and odor neutral. Our products do not contain any kind of fluorinated substances, they are either coated with plastic or made of 100% paper. 

If you have any questions or need a quote on any of our products, or if you think there is a product missing in our selection, do not hesitate to contact us on

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