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Get lids for your paper cups and make sure that your customers cup of coffee is warm during their whole trip. The lids come in three different sizes; a size that fits our 4 oz (Ø 62,5mm), a size that fits our 8 oz(Ø 80mm) and the last size fits both the 12 and 16 oz(Ø 90mm) paper cups. We do unfortunately not have BIO+ lids for 8 oz yet, since the size doesn’t fit at the moment.

We have three different variants of the lids; we offer our standard PS plastic lids which are also the cheapest, and then we offer some biodegradable lids made of PLA plastic and lastly we offer our BIO+ version which is lids made of bagasse, so they are both compostable and recyclable. 

The great thing about the BIO+ version of the lids is that they are without any plastic, which is also the reason why they are able to compost in nature. The difference between the regular BIO lids and our BIO+ lids is that the BIO lids are made with PLA plastic so it still has to go to special industrial compost to be compostable. 

Colours for your lids

Get matching lids in colours that match the design of your paper cups. Lids can be a great addition to your cups and make the design complete, and really make the cups stand out - And give the customers the experience that they deserve! 

Our standard lids and the biodegradable PLA lids come as standard in white and black, but our BIO+ lids made of bagasse do only come in white, since the bagasse becomes naturally white. 

We are also able to make our standard lids in other colours such as gold, green, blue, pink and orange - but if you have any specific colour that you are looking for we can often help with this. 

Add lids to your paper cups and make sure that the customer doesn’t spill on the way out. 

Are you unsure which paper cups are the best for you? You can read more about our other paper cups with print here.


Specific References

Top ∅62 mm80 mm90 mm62 mm80 mm90 mm62 mm80 mm90 mm
Cup size115 ml240 ml350 ml+115 ml240 ml350 ml+115 ml240 ml350 ml+
ColoursWhite and blackWhite and blackWhite and blackWhiteWhite and blackWhite and blackWhite WhiteWhite
Sleeves per box101010101010403024
Lids per sleeve100100100100100100100100100
Lids per box1.0001.0001.0001.0001.0001.0001.0001.0001.000
Boxes per pallet726045726045282024
Lids per pallet72.00060.00045.00072.00060.00045.00056.00036.00028.800
Box dimensions330x270x220410x195x480470x200x470330x270x220410x195x480470x200x470575x360x300595x395x360600x395x315

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