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Custom printed paper bowls

Get all-over printed paper food containers with the design that you have always dreamt about. Order your branded food containers online and save time and money, and get everything... Read more

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The advantages of ordering online with the same service as offline

We put our heart into offering the best possible service - Which is why you will have the same contact person throughout the process and they can both help you with finding the right size and fitting design for your paper food containers. And if you are not sure which size fits what you are serving then we will gladly send you samples of the different sizes for you to test them, for free! When you have tested them and found your size then our team of designers will gladly help you make the design, and they will edit it and perfect it for you until you are happy with the result. 

Production in Europe at great prices

We produce our custom paper bowls with kraft print in Europe so we have a low minimum order quantity. And to make sure the paper food containers do not take any harm during transportation they are always delivered on pallets. But the best thing about it is that due to short transport the co2 emission during transportation is really low. When it comes to price we want to be the cheapest place online which is why we guarantee we always have the best prices on printed paper food containers - and if you find it at better prices another place then we will match the price and give a 5 % discount for not living up to our promise. That is why we offer a 105% price guarantee on all of our products. 

Get print on your paper bowls and make your customers return

Custom paper bowls with kraft prints are great for making your customers return when they have tasted your food one time. But it does not only make them return, but it also makes their experience with your business and food even better, because it becomes an experience and not just some food. Use the design on your to-go packaging and the paper salad bowls to give the same feeling as when your customers walk into your shop. This will make your customers get this feeling every time they eat your food no matter if it is in your shop, or they have gotten it delivered or if they are eating it in the park. So no matter if you are looking to have a creative design or a rather simple design on your printed paper bowls, then use it to tell a story or something unique about you. 

Branded paper food containers are not only great for giving a better experience for your current customers but they are also great for promoting your business to new potential customers. We have all been inspired by seeing someone sitting in the park and eating some food that looks delicious, and that was how you ended deciding what to eat that evening. Use the fact that you make to-go food for your advantage and make people both in the park, sidewalk, or wherever your customers go to eat, see that it is your shop that they bought it from. Branded paper salad bowls are perfect to ensure that you don’t have to spend any extra money on advertising but the bowls and your other branded products will do all the work for you. 

If you are not sure how to make the best-branded food containers then our team of designers and packaging experts will gladly help you, and share what has been our best experiences from other projects we have done. If you need our team to make the design for you, then please send us the size and your logo and we will do it all for free.

Custom printed food paper bowls for all kinds of food

The great thing about the food bowls is that they are round and rather high and then they are coated with plastic inside, so they are actually able to be used for almost all sorts of food - no matter if they are hot or cold. Due to the bowls being folded and after that the bottom is put in, the bowls are completely airtight and the bowls can therefore be used for both liquid and solid food. We do also have lids for the bowls, so they are easy to transport but even more important it is great for keeping food hot, so it is the same temperature when your customers are ready to eat it. 

The paper food bowls with kraft print are primarily used for salads, poke bowls and other healthy cold dishes since they are able to carry quite a large portion of food, and it is normally only for healthy dishes that you get so large portions. We do also have customers who are using the bowls for breakfast such as porridge and smoothie bowls - it is though not as common. The paper food bowls with kraft print are also used for a lot of hot food and especially for pasta, rice, and noodle dishes. 

Alcohol and paper bowls

If you are serving food that contains more than 5% of alcohol then please contact us regarding the printed paper bowls. They can start to leak if they contain too much alcohol, due to the fact that alcohol can start etching the thin layer of plastic. You are able to use them for food with less alcohol than 5 % without any problems, so if you use alcohol to add taste then no worries.

Plastic vs paper food containers

These food containers with lid do both come in plastic and a cardboard version, but what are the differences and what are they primarily used for? The plastic containers are only used for cold food such as salads, poke bowls, cold pasta salads. Cold dishes are served due to the risk of the plastic melting if exposed to heat. The paper containers are commonly used a lot for hot food, but also liquid food. The paper food containers can of course also be used for cold food, and there are lids for them so they are easy to take to go. You are normally able to get the plastic bowls in larger sizes than with paper bowls.

The paper food containers are also more often used by companies that want print on their packaging because the printing surface is a lot bigger than on the plastic containers - and on paper food containers you can also get a sticker on top of the plastic lids. So if you want to expose your brand and use the design opportunities to tell a story then the paper food containers offer a lot more possibilities. 

The paper food containers are only used by companies that also sell their food as a takeaway, and not in supermarkets or other stores where the food is kept in the containers for several days. Whereas the plastic bowls are often used by supermarkets and other stores that want to sell salad they have made, and they will then keep the plastic bowls with salad or other food in stock for a couple of days. 

Environmentally friendliness

When it comes to what is the most environmentally friendly solution, it is quite difficult to give a straight answer, because it depends on a couple of things. The first thing to take into consideration is whether it is degradable; and the short answer is that both paper bowls and plastic bowls are not degradable, it is because they are both coated with plastic.
The next thing is whether they are recyclable and they are actually able to but they are often not recycled, it is due to the bowls being used for food, and then it is really hard to clean the materials and make it recyclable. It is only highly specialized facilities that are able to normally accept food contact materials and recycle them, so it is therefore not often they are recycled. It is easier to recycle the plastic bowls since they are made of 100% plastic, whereas the paper bowls have a small layer of plastic on the inside.
A thing that we also have to take into consideration is the co2 emission during production, and here the plastic bowls actually emit less co2 than the paper bowls. The reason is that it takes a lot more energy to produce paper than plastic, so even though the production of the bowls is almost the same, then because of the materials, it swings in the favour of the plastic bowls.

There is of course hundreds of things to take into consideration but these are normally the things that we value the highest when it comes to if a product is environmentally friendly.

So if you should choose to get plastic or paper food containers depends on what you are serving, where you are serving it, and of course how you value it to get branding all over the surface. If you need someone to discuss the options with - then reach out to our to-go packaging experts and discover your possibilities.

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