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Limepack is a young Danish company specializing in custom printing. Our top priority is always to offer the best product on the market. That's why we work exclusively with the best European packaging manufacturers to ensure unbeatable prices, low minimum order quantities and fast delivery conditions. Quality is always important to our requirements for to-go packaging as well as our own processes. We are working continuously on making paper cups and to go packaging with print available to the many and not the few by making them easier to order, faster to get delivered and cheaper to buy.

All of our products are designed and built to meet EU requirements in food contact facilities.

The team

Mads Enevoldsen

Partner, Production

+49 176 6016 8577

Kristina Aleksic

Country Manager, Germany

+49 176 6016 8577

Steffen Andersen

Partner, Marketing

+45 30 69 21 89

Asger Kristensen

Partner, Tech

+45 20 94 90 74

Tabea Grösel

Country Manager, Germany

+49 176 6016 8577

Salomé Dugué

Country Manager, France

+49 52 22 7627

Elida Unneberg

Country Manager, Norway

+49 45 92 98 42

Erik Kristensen

Partner, Design

+45 26 25 64 69


Made in Europe
EU Food contact Safty
100% Plant based
PS Packaging Safty
Industrial biodegradable
FSC Forest Stewardship Council

Company info

Limepack ApS
Esromgade 15, 2. Floor
2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark

+49 176 6016 8577

Ust-ID: DK37641405