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Printed plastic cups with logo

Whether your cafe serves a delicious iced coffee or if you are a hosting a Friday bar, then plastic cups with logo is the perfect way for your customers to remember you without... Read more

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...ou spending extra money on marketing. You can easily buy your plastic cups with print at Limepack, upload your design and complete your order. Afterwards, we will send you a preview of the design to your approval before the cups are finally sent to production. We can deliver your plastic cups only within 3 weeks and from just a 1.000 pcs.

Big selection in your design

With two of our manufacturers of plastic cups with print, we have the opportunity to deliver printed cups in up to 6 pantone colours. Since we use pantone colours, you can use almost any colour. You can with guarantee create some extra attention with printed plastic cups, so your customers will remember you instead of your competitors. And whether you would like your logo, QR code, hashtag to social media or something completely different, then you do not have to compromise in terms of your creativity. Since pantone colors allow you to use the full-coloUr spectrum, you can be absolutely sure that your plastic cups will fit perfectly into your concept and brand.

How is the print made?

We want to deliver plastic cups from just 1.000 pcs. and in order to do so, we are cooperating with two different manufacturers. The printing method depends on the amount you are looking for. If you are requesting an edition of 1.000 pcs., the plastic cups are printed with tampon print, but should you instead be looking for amounts of 5.000 pcs. the plastic cups are instead made with offset-print.

Tampon print

Tampon print is the most common printing method for concave and convex surfaces, where the colours are printed one by one. With this method, it is not possible to print all the surfaces at once but is instead manually printed one third at the time. It allows the plastic cups to be made in smaller amounts due to the low startup fee. However, the price of the plastic cups will not get lower by more than 10.000 pcs., which makes this printing method less competitive by plastic cups in large amounts. 

Offset print

Offset-print is the printing method that is primarily used for printed matters in larger quantities. The cliché is normally a bit expensive, which makes the start-up costs rather high. However, this printing method is quite effective making it possible to print a high amount of plastic cups within a short period of time. The print is rolled around the cups after they have been molded. It ensures a fantastic identical print by the first cup as well as cup number 500.000. 

Large selection of plastic cups with logo

Working with two manufacturers allows you to customise your plastic cups and at the same time offering a large selection of plastic cups with logo. As standard we offer plastic cups in 4 different sizes, that can be used for almost all purposes. We have the following sizes: 9 oz (250 ml), 12 oz (350 ml), 16 oz (450 ml) and 20 oz (550 ml)

Maybe you are looking for plastic cups to serve a delicious small-size lemonade or a large-size vegetable smoothie? Present your specialties in a nice way in our transparent plastic cups with print.

Our 9 oz is mostly used to soft and fizzy drinks such as lemonade or samples at the trade fair or at the expo.

The 12 oz size is mostly used for small-size milkshakes, smoothies or iced coffee from the cafe or the burger joint.

The beer cup, cup for alcohol, the standard size. This 16 oz plastic cup-size has a lot of names, but one thing is for certain; this cup-size is often used for the consumption of alcoholic drinks and beverages, especially beer. You can easily use the cup for beer due to the inner layer coating making them perfectly suitable for alcoholic drinks without causing the drink to foam too much.

Our biggest plastic cup of 20 oz can contain more than half a liter. Send your customers well out your door with a decent cup size ‘to go’, which will definitely last your entire daily walk around the block.

Production in Europe

We work with the two largest manufacturers of plastic cups in Europe, which gives you European quality at an unbeatable price. When the plastic cups are made and shipped within the EU this also means lower CO2-emission during the transportation of the cups. One of our manufacturers can deliver editions from only 1.000 pcs., whereas our other manufacturer offers quantities starting from 5.000 pcs. The delivery is within 3 weeks for plastic cups in smaller editions and for larger amounts, the delivery takes place between 4-6 weeks.

An endless number of options

A transparent plastic cup gives a lot of possibilities. Add to that the opportunities you get by creating your own design on the plastic cups. If you are the owner of a café, they can be used for iced coffee, smoothie and fresh cut pieces of fruit. On your burger joint, you can use them to serve milkshakes or soda. In case you have a bar, pub or similar venue that serves alcoholic drinks, which cannot be brought outside in their original container – the list does not stop here... Since the plastic cups with print come in so many sizes, they can be used for almost any sort of liquid. If used for extra hot beverages they will, obviously, become very hot. Hence, we do not recommend plastic cups for such purposes.

It is the plastic cup that you will miss in your business if you sell a lot of products on the go. Be it beverages or meals that you would like to give your customers on the go, then the plastic cups is a perfect choice. Buy your plastic cups through Limepack today and have them ready for use in only 3 weeks!

Biodegradable plastic cups

We also offer the opportunity to deliver biodegradable plastic cups. This entails that you are able to order plastic cups made of PLA-plastic rather than PE-plastic. PLA-plastic is made of plant materials, whereas PE-plastic is made of oil. However, this does not simply mean that plastic cups can be thrown anywhere in nature and subsequently decompose. They will instead have to be degraded in industrial compostable machines. Only a few countries have compostable machines, which means that the cups are instead tossed in ordinary compostable machines. Moreover, they are often mistakenly thrown in ordinary compostable machines, since it is difficult for the worker on the recycling center to distinguish between biodegradable plastic cups and non-biodegradable plastic cups. The obvious advantage of buying bioplastic cups with print is, that less CO2 is emitted during the production of them. Additionally, there is no oil used during the production of PLA plastic cups, which makes it possible to cut down on fossil fuels as a limited natural resource as opposed to plant materials.

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