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Spice up your snacks with custom popcorn boxes

Whether you’re serving popcorn at a movie theater or handing out bacon snacks at an event, custom printed popcorn boxes are the perfect way to showcase your... Read more

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...and. These popcorn boxes are versatile and can also be used to serve candy, nuts, and various other snacks, and you can choose from small and large options. The branded popcorn boxes are high-quality, have a paper thickness of 250 g/m², and a glossy, resistant surface.

At Limepack, price is our top priority. We want to offer the cheapest personalized popcorn cups, and we guarantee this by offering a 105% price guarantee. If you find personalized popcorn boxes cheaper elsewhere, we'll match the price and give you a 5% discount. 

Order your personalised popcorn boxes online at Limepack today and save both time and hassle. Should you have any questions, both our packaging experts and our team of designers are at your disposal!

An endless number of design possibilities

We can print on the entire surface of the popcorn boxes, which means you can design all 4 sides of the box. By default, we print the popcorn boxes with CMYK colors, which means you can have unlimited color combinations in the design! Plus, if you want to have a different print or design on each side, it won’t cost you anything extra. The print will also be on the bottom of the boxes since the bottom is folded, and the bottom is therefore printed with the rest of the box. 

If you are looking for something special, such as specific colors in your logo that need to be accurately printed, we have the solution for you. We can also print our popcorn cups with Pantone, which allows for more shades compared to the CMYK palette. If you want your popcorn boxes printed with gold or silver, we can also do hot foil printing. Reach out to our team of packaging experts, and they’ll bring your dream popcorn boxes to life!

EU’s largest selection of branded popcorn boxes

When we say we have the largest selection of personalized popcorn boxes, we're not kidding! We offer 9 different sizes of popcorn boxes, with the smallest size being 0,5L and the largest size, 5,5L. If you need a larger size than this, we can also produce popcorn boxes that can contain up to 6L from bigger minimum order quantities. Looking for a smaller size than 0,5L? We've had customers that have used paper cups and ice cream cups as alternatives.

We offer the popcorn boxes in the following sizes:

  • The Little Snack Box – 0,5L (17 oz)
    Top: 82 x 82 mm, bottom: 63 x 63 mm, height: 85 mm

  • Popcorn Party – 0,56L (22 oz) 
    Top: 87 x 87 mm, bottom: 63 x 63 mm, height: 110 mm

  • Snack Attack – 1L (34 oz)
    Top: 97 x 97 mm, bottom: 70 x 70 mm, height: 125 mm

  • The Hungry Spectator – 1,5L (51 oz)
    Top: 111 x 111 mm, bottom: 80 x 80 mm, height: 145 mm

  • Stadium Style – 1,7L (61 oz)
    Top: 115 x 115 mm, bottom: 80 x 80 mm, height: 160 mm

  • Movie Time – 2L (68 oz)
    Top: 123 x 123 mm, bottom: 85 x 85 mm, height: 185 mm

  • Family Style – 2,5L (85 oz)
    Top: 127 x 127 mm, bottom: 85 x 85 mm, height: 207 mm

  • Super-Sharer – 3L (102 oz)
    Top: 135 x 135 mm, bottom: 95 x 95 mm, height: 191 mm

  • Popcornbonanza  – 5,5L (186 oz)
    Top: 177 x 178 mm, bottom: 143 x 142 mm, height: 212 mm

Personalized popcorn boxes for all occasions

With that many sizes it’s not always easy to know what the different sizes are used for. That’s why we have tried to give the sizes some matching names. The sizes are primarily used in three different settings: events, cafeterias and cinemas. The larger sizes from 2L and up are primarily used in cinemas because of their capacity - they're perfect for a full movie experience! The smaller sizes are especially used at corporate events and trade shows. For example, it could be a car dealership hosting an open house event and wanting to offer snacks to the visitors. The two sizes 1L and 1,5L are mostly used in cafeterias and sporthalls. The 1,7L and 2L are also often used for serving popcorn and bacon chips at the football stadium. 

With or without an automatic folded bottom?

Our popcorn boxes can be made with two types of bottoms: manual and flat. Both types of boxes are delivered in flat form to save space during transportation, and have to be folded before use.

The popcorn boxes with a manual bottom come with 4 separate tabs that need to be assembled to close the popcorn box. This takes no more than 5 seconds! The popcorn boxes with an automatic bottom are pre-glued together, so all you have to do is lightly push the two opposite corners together, and the box folds automatically.  Your popcorn boxes will be ready for use in no time! 

The bottom of the popcorn boxes is folded and not round as you would see in other containers. This means they’re not made to contain very cheesy or buttery popcorn, since there is a risk of the liquid dripping out of the bottom.

Surprisingly fast delivery

Our branded popcorn boxes are made in Europe and delivered directly from our manufacturer to you. At Limepack, we work to always reach your deadline. We have a standard delivery time of 5 weeks, but if you’re in need of branded popcorn boxes faster than this, we also offer express popcorn boxes that can be delivered in just 4 weeks. 

We have a minimum order quantity of 200 pcs. on our popcorn boxes. The price is rather high at that quantity, but the price pr. piece falls drastically the bigger the quantity.

Environmentally friendly popcorn boxes with print

The popcorn boxes are made of 100% virgin paper, which means the paper has not been recycled. This means that the popcorn boxes are able to degrade in nature, and that they can be collected and recycled at recycling facilities. The main problem is that most recycling facilities do not allow packaging that has been in contact with food to be recycled with the rest of the paper that is being recycled. It is still important to throw the popcorn boxes out as paper waste because, when the right infrastructure is in place, they can be recycled. We are able to make the popcorn boxes in FSC® certified paper from at least 50.000 pcs.

The great thing about the popcorn boxes being made in Europe is that most of the paper used in the production of the packaging comes from forestry that almost comply with the FSC® principles of sustainable forestry. The CO2 emission during transportation is also lower than getting products from outside of Europe.

Ready to be used for food

Our custom printed popcorn boxes are made in accordance with the European Food Regulations. This means that they are approved to be in contact with all sorts of food. There have not been used any flour substances or other chemicals in the process of making the popcorn boxes. The ink that is used for the print on the boxes is also food safe, as well as taste- and odorless.

If you have any questions about our personalized popcorn, then do not hesitate to contact us on or on +45 52 70 47 62. We look forward to working with you!

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