Personalised napkins 

Do you want to differentiate your brand or name from your competitors while at the same time creating brand awareness? Personalised napkins are ideal if you aim to deliver a fully... Read more

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... personalised experience while standing out from the crowd. With its incredible high quality, the printed paper napkins offer an inexpensive way of adding that extra finishing touch to every occasion. Personalise our best selling branded beverage napkins for your office, next party or event. These custom printed napkins are sure to impress your employees, consumers or guests! 

‘Lunch’ or ‘dinner’ napkin? 

Each moment your customer interacts with your company is a branding opportunity. In the same way your customer notices your unique latte designs, beautiful flowers, or decorations, they notice your logo on napkins. By utilising the marketing space on your existing paper products, you provide your customers with that extra touch of convenience, luxury and comfort. In a variety of ways, proper use of napkins actually keeps your meals and drinks flowing in an efficient manner. Used as a marketing collateral, or functional tool, your napkin is the most welcome helper. Personalised napkins are a great addition for lunch breaks, dinners, fruit breaks, or other occasions. These custom printed napkins are the perfect accessory to brand for your small or large business needs. Whether you are a candle company, cafe, restaurant, medical company, large corporation or other - branding your paper napkins in a personalised way is a key marketing move. 

Expand your selection with more designs 

Now you can forget about wasting money and being left with outdated napkins in your storage room! By ordering personalised napkins with minimum quantities starting from 25.000 pcs., you can continually renew your designs, match the colours of your office space, or why not the season's latest colour trends? It is only your creativity that sets the limitation! Contact us today for guidance and design help for your new personalised napkins. 

What about delivery?

We want to make custom printed napkins available for everyone by offering low quantities and free delivery throughout Europe. The delivery is not only free, it is also fast and normally delivered within 10 weeks. If you’re in a hurry, we also offer express delivery options for our custom printed napkins. Please contact us for more information and we will calculate your best delivery option. 

Increase sustainability awareness in your office or venue 

Climate change and the environment are highly prioritised areas by companies, consumers, and lawmakers – and with good reason. At Limepack we want to contribute to this positive development by using paper that is free from toxic pesticides such as chlorine. Furthermore, we only work with manufacturers who are based in the EU, which ensures a low emission of CO2 during transportation. Show your customers you’re committed to a greener future, by having napkins that are made of virgin fibres and are chlorine free, sourced in Scandinavia and produced in Denmark. Made from virgin fibres means that they are completely white, totally compostable and more sustainable than standard paper napkins. As such, these custom napkins can reduce the amount of waste you send to damaging landfill sites, minimise your environmental impact and help you appeal to the ever-growing market of eco-conscious consumers. 

Are the napkins biodegradable?

Since paper is made from plant materials, paper napkins are inherently biodegradable. This is why they can be put in the compost heap where they will decompose, and it’s a great alternative since dirty paper napkins can’t be recycled. However, the material does not sacrifice on practicality. The napkins are extremely soft, durable and absorbent, making them suitable for any occasion whilst reducing the amounts of sheets that customers or guests require for every visit. 

Want to see the product before buying it? No problem! 

In order for us to create the most convenient ordering process of customised napkins as possible, we offer the possibility of sending samples of our napkins for free. So are you not sure which size you are looking for, or just want to feel the quality to make sure it fits within your expectations and needs? Then get some free samples of our napkins today! Please note that the samples are sent with Limepack branding - we cannot make sample prints with your logo on the napkins.

100% customizable

Our personalised paper napkins are 100% customizable. You can not only choose your preferred size, but also if you want your custom paper napkins to have 2 or 3 layers and if you want them printed with CMYK or Pantone colours. So no matter if you serve hot or cold drinks in coffee shops, bars, clubs, pubs, or restaurants, your custom printed napkins will look really nice and reflect your business and story perfectly when your customers are enjoying their food and drinks. 

CMYK or Pantone

We can print our branded napkins with both Pantone and CMYK colours. If you are looking for a very specific design, and need some very precise colours, choosing Pantone colours is the optimal choice. Pantone is the standard colour scheme and most commonly used colour for our custom printed napkins. However, if you wish to use multiple colours, there’s an option to use CMYK colours too. Please reach out to us if you need to use more than 2 colours in the design process. 

Flexographic (flexo) print 

The printing method for the personalised napkins is flexo print, which ensures that the final printed napkin is both beautiful and functional. Flexo printing is a unique technique that uses a flexible printing plate, adapts well to different materials, and can use a wide range of inks, including water-based inks. Because this type of printing is adaptable, it can be printed on almost any kind of material, like plastic, metal and paper. 

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