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With its incredibly high quality and wide range of applications, our paper straws are perfect for iced coffees, milkshakes, cocktails and many more... Read more

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...ges. Are you the owner of a café or burger joint, or will you be serving cocktail tastings at events? Then our wide selection of paper straws is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to your plastic straws. Our paper straws allow you to display your logo or design to enhance your customers' experience and communicate your brand.

At Limepack, we focus not only on offering the largest selection of wholesale paper straws, but also on ensuring top-notch quality. With their long durability, you can confidently serve your drinks without worrying about the paper straws getting soggy and ruining the taste of your drinks. 

More than 8 hours durability guaranteed

We guarantee that the paper straws can endure beverages for up to 8 hours without dissolving, thanks to their three layers of paper and high-quality adhesive. However, the duration of them may be shorter when used in alcoholic drinks. Additionally, the paper straws are made according to applicable food law and are made from food-approved materials and colors. They’re also 100% free of lead, chlorine, and plasticisers. 

Increase sustainability awareness in your business

There’s no doubt that climate change and the environment are highly prioritized by companies, consumers and legislators – and for good reason. The increased focus on plastic straws resulted in them being banned from sale in 2021. At Limepack, we want to contribute to this positive development by making it easy for companies to switch from plastic straws to paper straws. We accomplish this by collaborating solely with manufacturers based in the EU, ensuring lower CO2 emissions during transportation due to shorter delivery distances.

100 % compostable paper straws

Our straws are made from 100% paper and food grade glue, and are therefore biodegradable, taking only 6 months to break down in salt water. If the paper straws are collected and sent to compostable facilities, the decomposition process will only take 1-2 months. You can buy your custom paper straws with complete peace of mind at Limepack!

Endless possibilities with custom printed paper straws

Over the past few decades, we've become accustomed to using plastic straws in most social settings, whether it's for that drink at the club, soda for dinner or that delicious milkshake from the burger joint. Many people think that these options are gone when switching to paper straws because they expect poor durability. With our high-quality paper straws, you don’t have to worry about poor quality. Plus, with our variety of straw sizes, you can create the best experience for your customers!

Can I get my logo on the paper straws?

Do you want to increase brand visibility and maintain a consistent aesthetic? Then paper straws with your own print are the ideal solution. Whether you have a specific pattern in mind, or want your logo to take center stage, we can print it! You don’t even have to worry about having an in-house designer - we’re more than happy to help you set up your design! Our designers will also send you a free design preview and adjust your design until you're 100% satisfied.

Which colors are used for the print? 

The paper straws are printed with Pantone colors by default, and we offer a wide color palette to choose from - red, yellow, green and blue, and many more! Pantone colors ensure color accuracy, ensuring that the colors in your print match the exact colors you’ve chosen. By default, our straws are printed with 1 or 2 Pantone colors, but if you want more colors in your design, we can also print using CMYK. The printing is always done before the paper is wrapped around the straw, ensuring your design covers the whole surface of the straw.

Large selection of paper straws

At Limepack, we’re always working on offering the largest selection of quality products at the best prices. That’s why we offer various different lengths and widths to choose from, so you can pick the perfect fit for your needs. We offer lengths starting from 150 mm and going up to 250 mm, and widths that can go as wide as 12 mm.

These are some suggestions on typical uses for the different lengths and widths:

  • "Cocktail" paper straws (140-150 mm in length, 6-8 mm in width)

These paper straws are perfect for cocktails in the hotel lobby or at the cozy cocktail bar around the corner. Due to the length, the straw will stick out slightly from the standard cocktail cup and can therefore be used to stir the cocktail, eliminating the need for a regular stirrer. We have a broad selection of colors and designs, so you can choose the look that best fits your business. Our most commonly used design is black, as it gives a rustic look and can be used for most drinks.

  • "Standard" paper straws (200-210 mm in length, 8 mm in width)

Our standard paper straws are mostly used for sodas, lemonades, and many other soft drinks. These lengths are suitable for small, medium and large cups. The ”standard” straw fits our 240 ml, 350 ml and 450 ml paper cups. 

  • "Jumbo" paper straws (230-250 mm in length, 10-12 mm in width)

Our “jumbo straws” are, due to their width, perfect for cafés, ice cream shops and businesses that sell milkshakes, bubble tea, slushies, etc. This is because the wide diameter ensures that thicker beverage can pass through the straw, ensuring a smooth flow.

If you have any questions about the size of the straws, or are in doubt about which straws suit you best, you can always contact us! We can also customize the size of the straws if you have special requests.

Innovative uses of the paper straws

The use of paper straws is not necessarily limited to standard drinks. We’ve had customers use the paper straws in different ways, for example, topping them with chocolate or a strawberry when serving milkshakes. We’ve also had a customer turn the paper straws into flags for a birthday celebration at a bar. These uses are possible because the paper straw is durable thanks to its many layers of paper. Let your imagination run wild with our cardboard straws!

European production

At Limepack we have a tradition for only working with European manufacturers. We do this to ensure our customers low prices and fast delivery. We can therefore deliver the straws in just 4 weeks, and as an added benefit, less CO2 is emitted during shipping than if they were shipped from outside Europe.

How are paper straws made?

You might think it’s a long and complicated process, but it’s actually pretty simple to produce paper straws. The first paper straws were mass produced already back in 1890 after the inventor Marvin Stone 2 years before had patented it. He invented the paper straws by winding paper strips around a pencil and gluing them together. It’s now been more than 120 years since Marvin patented his way of making paper straws, and not much has changed in the production process since then. However, today we have better production equipment, stronger food-safe glue, and better processed paper strips. 

Flexible production of paper straws

The way of producing paper straws is, as said, a rather flexible way of production since the paper is wrapped around a metal rod. The rod can be custom made in width, and the paper straws can be cut to the length you want. If you have special requests for the length or width of the paper straws, please contact us and we can find a solution for you!

Plastic straws vs. paper straws

The main reason for the high demand for paper straws is due to the clear consequences that plastic has on marine life and the environment.

It is difficult to ignore the impact that plastic has had on marine life, as a group of scientists estimates that there are approximately 8,3 is billion plastic straws on beaches around the world. The plastic will remain until we remove them, as plastic does not break down unlike paper. If there were 8,3 billion paper straws, it would take approximately 6 months for them to decompose and become part of nature again.

In the production of both, less CO2 is emitted when producing plastic straws. This is because it takes much less energy to process and shape oil than it does with wood, as wood has to be harvested from the forest, then converted into paper mold and finally processed and made into a paper straw. Plastic is just molded from the oil and then heated before being processed and shaped into straws.

The obvious advantage of the paper straws over plastic straws is that the plastic straws are made of oil, a limited and polluting ressource, in comparison to paper straws, which are made from trees that are replanted.

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