Single and double wall paper cups with custom print

  • 240 ml green and white single wall paper cup with matte surface with 'Your Logo'
  • 350 ml blue and white single wall paper cup with matte surface with 'Your Logo'
  • 450 ml brown and white single wall paper cup with matte surface with 'Your Logo'
240 ml green and white single wall paper cup with matte surface with 'Your Logo'

Single and double wall paper cups with custom print

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Are you looking for a unique way to spread awareness about your brand? Look no further! Personalized paper cups with your brand’s logo are sure to impress people and get them talking about your business! No matter what you’re serving, your customers will appreciate the extra effort you’ve put into giving them a unique experience.

Our clients, especially companies and organizations, use them for a variety of purposes, including internal as well as external marketing activities such as promotions, fairs, expos or corporate events. Anything from cold to warm beverages can be served in our paper cups, making it a very easy and convenient way to present the image of your company in a smooth and attractive way.

Single wall or double wall – what to choose?

Depending on what purpose you will be needing your personalized paper cups for, choose between single wall and double wall paper cups! The single wall paper cup is suitable for serving cold and warm beverages like juice, smoothies and coffee with milk, while the double wall paper cup is especially suitable for serving hot to very hot beverages like coffee or hot chocolate.

The difference between the single-walled and the double-walled paper cup is the extra paper layer on the double-walled cup. This extra layer has the purpose of keeping coffee or tea more effectively warm. At the same time, a higher carrying comfort is ensured with the double-walled cups since the air between the layers cools down the external surface of the cup and hence protects your hands from burning. The additional layer ensures comfortable carrying without the need for sleeves, which makes it possible for you to profit from the full cup surface for an outstanding design print. 

Choose a surface for your paper cups

Our custom printed paper cups are available with a matte or glossy surface. The single wall paper cups come with a matte surface, which gives the cup a very natural look and feel. The double-walled cup can be ordered with either a matte or glossy (coated) surface. A glossy surface will give the cup a shiny and clear look, and if there are many colors in your design, a glossy surface can make them stand out even more. Many of our clients who use double wall paper cups are cafés or companies who would like to represent their brand in a more exclusive way.

Large selection of paper cups with logo

Our custom printed paper cups come in a large selection of sizes, so you’re guaranteed to find a size that fits your exact purpose! The single wall paper cups are available in the following 4 sizes:

  • The Shot – 100 ml
  • Cup-of-Joe – 240 ml
  • Mug-a-Chino – 350 ml
  • The Monday Killer – 450 ml

Our double wall paper cups are available in the following 3 sizes:

  • Cup-of-Joe – 240 ml
  • Mug-a-Chino – 350 ml
  • The Monday Killer – 450 ml

The 100 ml paper cup is perfect for a shot of intense espresso. It is also the ideal size for tastings.

The 160 ml paper cup is used for coffee machines, vending machines and on planes.

The 240 ml paper cup is our most sold size and is used by a lot of companies going to fairs and expos, but also by coffee shops who offer both small and large cups of coffee drinks. This size is perfectly suited for a small to-go cup of coffee.

The 350 ml paper cup is used a lot by cafés and cafeterias that only offer one cup size and are still looking to have that intermediate between a small and yet decent cup of coffee. This size is also used for pop-up events.

The 450 ml paper cup or “The Monday Killer”, as we prefer to call it, is the maxi size cup that you can pour almost 500 ml of beverage into. It is commonly used by a lot of cafés, especially by several of the larger coffee chains such as Starbucks.

Other purposes for paper cups 

Paper cups don't always have to be used for regular black coffee or tea. We have customers who use paper cups for other purposes – maybe we can inspire you?

Whether you’re going to a fair, an expo or a whole third type of event, why not experiment a bit and swap the standard black cup of coffee with a snack instead, be it popcorn, nuts or even insects? Due to the large selection of sizes, it is completely up to you how big an amount you want to hand out.

Are you recruiting or simply targeting students in general? Why not hand out free paper cups with your print in the school cafeteria or canteen. You will bring joy with a refreshing beverage and your paper cups and yourself will create maximum brand awareness and make sure that you will be exposed many times to the students.

If you’re serving ice cream or milkshakes, paper cups can be the optimal choice in order for the cups not being too cold to carry around. If you plan to serve alcohol in the paper cups, this is also possible - in fact, many of our customers use our paper cups for this purpose! However, it's important to be aware that alcoholic beverages with alcohol volumes above 5%, especially those mixed with strong spirits such as rum and vodka, can significantly shorten the lifespan of the paper cups. This is because there is a risk of the paper cups starting to leak after a while. Feel free to contact us at to get more information about this.

In short: the possibilities are endless! Our paper cups are used for every conceivable purpose, as it's an absolutely ingenious way to get your message into the hands of your audience.

Paper cups with print in all the colors of the rainbow

Do you want to create the design yourself? No problem! Just download the template and attach it to your order. If you want our expert designers to prepare the design for you, then we would be more than happy to do so if you send us a mail with relevant material. Before we send the cups to production, you will receive a 3D proof for final approval.

Thanks to the use of CMYK-colors during the offset-printing of these paper cups with design, you can enjoy full creative freedom during the design creation process. This is because you are free to choose as many colors as you want without having to pay additional costs for each new tone. All of our colors are neutral in odor and in taste.

Labelling of paper cups containing plastic

The Single-Use Plastics Directive (SUPD) requires all packaging containing plastic to have a label indicating that it contains plastic. The purpose of this label is to raise awareness about the harmful effects of single-use plastics on our environment and to encourage consumers to make environmentally friendly choices. As our regular paper cups are coated with plastic, they are required to carry this label. However, you can choose to use our biodegradable paper cups without this label, as they are made without a plastic coating, but at your own risk. If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

Production in Europe

To ensure the best prices, a fast delivery, low minimum order quantities as well as the highest quality, we are collaborating exclusively with manufacturers from the EU. All the manufacturers we are working with are ISO certified by sustainability standards and quality management. Another main advantage resulting from the production of our printed paper cups in Europe is the lower emission of CO2 during the transport as compared to production from overseas.

Making printed paper cups available for everyone

We wish to make paper cups more available by offering low minimum order quantities of only 1.000 pieces! We want to offer the lowest prices on the market – if you show us a better offer, we will make sure to match the price! And last but not least, we want to make ordering paper cups easy by having a simple process of buying and designing the cups. 

Let us handle the design

Would you like free design assistance? We’re here to help! Contact us, or simply upload your artwork while ordering.

Our design team will then send you a free proof of a design for your approval. Request changes for free, until you are satisfied.

Handle the design yourself

We offer you an easy way to set up your design yourself. Download a template below, and follow the instructions within the template.
We suggest you working with our templates in Adobe Illustrator.

While ordering, simply upload your design. Our design team will then send you a free proof for your approval. Request changes for free, until you are satisfied.

All of our paper cups are made in accordance with the EU production standards and are compliant with EU regulative about food packaging. Our exclusive collaboration with highly qualified manufactures awards us with the following valuable certificates:

Good manufacturing practice (GMP) 

A GMP-compliant quality management must always be able to guarantee that food processors produce safe products for the consumer. Effective management, monitoring, action and documentation must be able to demonstrate to competent authorities that company procedures, processes and facilities ensure food safety and comply with regulatory requirements.

Quality System Certification –  ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 Quality management standard is the most widespread and among the important standards in quality management (QM), both nationally and internationally. It lays down the minimum requirements for QM that companies have to implement in order to meet customer requirements and other product or service requirements.

Management System Certification – ISO 9001, ISO 14001:2015

ISO 14001: 2015 is the globally accepted and applied standard for environmental management systems and sets out requirements for an organization to improve its environmental performance, fulfill legal and other obligations and achieve environmental objectives. 

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)

FSC is an international certification system for forestry that guarantees that wood and paper products bearing the FSC seal come from responsibly managed forests. Our biodegradable paper cups with a matt finish are all FSC certified; Only our BIO double wall paper cups with a glossy surface can not be made with FSC certified paper.

Packaging Safety Management System Certified – UNI EN 15593:2008

This standard specifies the requirements for the hygiene management system of food packaging manufacturers and their suppliers, including warehousing and transport. Effective communication along the food packaging chain is essential to ensure that all relevant packaging hygiene failures are identified and properly controlled.

Size100 ml240 ml240 ml350 ml350 ml450 ml450 ml
TypeSingle wallSingle wallDouble wallSingle wallDouble wallSingle wall Double wall
Diameter (Top)63 mm80 mm80 mm90 mm90 mm90 mm90 mm
Diameter (Bottom)45 mm51 mm51 mm59 mm59 mm59 mm59 mm
Height60 mm93 mm93 mm110 mm110 mm137 mm137 mm
Weight3,71 g7,91 g12,56 g10,63 g 16,84 g12,94 g20,89 g
Paper thickness260 g/m2 + 18 PE295 g/m2 + 18 PE295 g/m2 + 18 PE295 g/m2 + 18 PE295 g/m2 + 18 PE295 g/m2 + 18 PE295 g/m2 + 18 PE
SurfaceMatteMatte Matte, glossyMatteMatte, glossyMatte Matte, glossy
Printing methodOffset, CMYK-colorsOffset, CMYK-colorsOffset, CMYK-colorsOffset, CMYK-colorsOffset, CMYK-colorsOffset, CMYK-colorsOffset, CMYK-colors
Cups per sleeve50 pcs.50 pcs.25 pcs.50 pcs.20 pcs.50 pcs.20 pcs.
Cups per box1.000 pcs.1.000 pcs.500 pcs.1.000 pcs.500 pcs.1.000 pcs. 500 pcs.
Weight per box4, 25 kg8,39 kg 6,68 kg11,63 kg9,09 kg 13,56 kg11,06 kg
Size per box310 x 248 x 330 mm415 x 335 x 410 mm415 x 335 x 510 mm455 x364 x 514 mm566 x 368 x 515mm564 x 366 x 545 mm564 x 366 x 610mm
Boxes per pallet66302416161212
Cups per pallet66.000 pcs.30.000 pcs.12.000 pcs.16.000 pcs.8.000 pcs.12.000 pcs.6.000 pcs.

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Expedited production

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Check out the available shipping options on the product page and select the one that works best for you. The total cost of your order, which includes the production time, has already been calculated. Please note that expedited production will result in a higher cost, so if you’re not in a hurry to receive your order, we suggest opting for a longer delivery time. Take your time to explore the available options and find the one that fits your needs!

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