Express single and double wall paper cups with digital print


Express single and double wall paper cups with digital print

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Running low on time and need personalized paper cups in a hurry? Then you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re hosting a small event or large conference and want to highlight your brand and leave a lasting impression, our express paper cups are the perfect solution for you.

They can be delivered in as little as 8-9 working days and have a low minimum order quantity of only 1.000 pieces. Order today and we guarantee that you’ll have your custom printed paper cups ready in no time! 

Custom printed paper cups with fast delivery times

We offer several different delivery times to choose from and our paper cups can be delivered in as little as 8-9 working days. Depending on the wanted quantity and size of the paper cups you order, the available delivery times will vary. Please note that the price also varies depending on the wanted delivery time. Be sure to choose a delivery time that best suits your needs! If you have a specific deadline, please be sure to check with us at to confirm that we can guarantee it. 

Multi-purpose paper cups in various sizes

Our personalized paper cups suit any purpose or occasion. They are produced with a layer of PE-plastic on the inside to ensure that they can hold various liquids without dissolving. This means you can serve all types of drinks, hot or cold, without having to worry about anything! 

We offer two types of paper cups: single wall and double wall. If you’re going to serve cold or lukewarm drinks such as juice, lemonade or cappuccino, the single wall paper cup is the perfect choice. However, if you’re looking for a paper cup that can accommodate hot beverages like coffee, tea or hot chocolate, we recommend you go for the double wall paper cup. This paper cup has an extra layer of paper, providing added insulation and protection, so you can hold the cup comfortably. 

The paper cups have a matte surface. However, it is important to note that a lot of ink or dark colors in the design can make the matte surface appear a bit glossy when printed with digital printing.

As they're available in a wide range of sizes, you're sure to find the perfect cup for your needs. Our paper cups are suitable for all kinds of beverages, but also for snacks, fruit and other foods. Browse our selection and find the ideal size! 

We offer our paper cups in the following 6 sizes: 100 ml, 160 ml, 240 ml, 350 ml, 450 ml and 550 ml. The paper cups can be used for many different purposes. Don’t limit yourself - get creative and decide how you want to use them!

Add a personal touch with a unique design

Create a design for your paper cups that matches your brand’s look and feel. Our team of expert designers can help you design your paper cups and send you a proof within 24 hours for your approval. Just send us your artwork or logo and we’ll get to work creating a one-of-a-kind design for you! We use different printing methods for the paper cups depending on the quantity. However, we guarantee that your design will turn out amazing no matter what.

Digital printing is used for quantities between 1.000 and 10.000 paper cups. This method does not require printing plates, so there are no setup costs involved. The cups are printed with full color printing (CMYK-colors), which allows you to include an unlimited number of colors without paying anything extra. The digitally printed paper cups can turn out a bit more pigmented if your design file isn’t of the best quality. To ensure a high-quality print on your paper cups, it’s important that your design files are delivered in a high resolution. With digital printing, it’s also important to mention that a surface with dark colors can end up looking a bit glossy, even though the paper cups are produced with a matte surface.

Paper cups in quantities from 10.000 pcs. to 50.000 pcs. are printed with offset printing and CMYK-colors. This applies to all sizes. This printing method ensures that every paper cup turns out amazing and with a high-quality print that is identical on the first and last cup.

Orders of 50.000 pcs. are printed with flexo printing and Pantone colors. Flexo printing requires printing plates, which have a one-time setup fee. However, we store your printing plates for up to 5 years, so you won't have to pay the setup fee every time you reorder cups.

Biodegradable and recyclable paper cups 

If you’re looking for a sustainable option, we also provide an environmentally friendly alternative to these paper cups. We offer a biodegradable version of both the single- and double wall paper cup where the PE-plastic coating is replaced by a water-based coating, which makes the cup compostable and recyclable. These cups are certified AA, meaning they do not require a separate or additional waste collection system as they can be recycled with paper. Furthermore, the paper cups comply with the DIN EN 13430 standard, which specifies the requirements for the recyclability of packaging materials. They are certified according to this standard. 

Our express paper cups are made from virgin paper, which means they are made from brand new paper. The single-walled cups have a matte finish, but with digital printing, dark surfaces can look a little glossy. The double-walled cups have a glossy surface.

Production in Europe

At Limepack, we are always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact. One of the ways we do this is by working with paper cup manufacturers within the EU. This allows us to keep our minimum order quantities low - only 1.000 pieces - and offer fast delivery times. But the biggest advantage is that it reduces the amount of CO2 emissions from transportation, which is something we feel very strongly about at Limepack. So when you order from us, you can be confident that you're doing your part for the environment!

Let us handle the design

Would you like free design assistance? We’re here to help! Contact us, or simply upload your artwork while ordering.

Our design team will then send you a free proof of a design for your approval. Request changes for free, until you are satisfied.

Handle the design yourself

We offer you an easy way to set up your design yourself. Download a template below, and follow the instructions within the template.
We suggest you working with our templates in Adobe Illustrator.

While ordering, simply upload your design. Our design team will then send you a free proof for your approval. Request changes for free, until you are satisfied.

Good manufacturing practice (GMP)

A GMP-compliant quality management must always be able to guarantee that food processors produce safe products for the consumer. Effective management, monitoring, action and documentation must be able to demonstrate to competent authorities that company procedures, processes and facilities ensure food safety and comply with regulatory requirements.

Quality System Certification – ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 Quality management standard is the most widespread and among the important standards in quality management (QM), both nationally and internationally. It lays down the minimum requirements for QM that companies have to implement in order to meet customer requirements and other product or service requirements.

Size100 ml180 ml240 ml240 ml350 ml350 ml450 ml450 ml550 ml550 ml
TypeSingle wallSingle wallSingle wallDouble wallSingle wallDouble wallSingle wallDouble wallSingle wallDouble wall
Weight3,67 g5,63 g7,35 g12,66 g11,72 g18,06 g12,7 g 22,7 g13 g25,3 g
Height60 mm82 mm92 mm92 mm108 mm108 mm136 mm136 mm149 mm150 mm
Diameter (Top)60 mm72 mm80 mm80 mm90 mm90 mm90 mm90 mm90 mm90 mm
Diameter (Bottom)45 mm50 mm55 mm55 mm59 mm59 mm55 mm55 mm61 mm60 mm
Printing methodDigital, offset & flexoDigital, offset & flexoDigital, offset & flexoDigital, offset & flexoDigital, offset & flexoDigital, offset & flexoDigital, offset & flexoDigital, offset & flexoDigital, offset & flexoDigital, offset & flexo
Cups per box2.000 pcs.1.000 pcs.1.000 pcs.500 pcs.1.000 pcs.500 pcs.500 pcs.400 pcs.500 pcs.400 pcs.
Box size365 x 360 x 425 450 x 365 x 490365 x 360 x 425405 x 325 x 560450 x 365 x 490455 x 365 x 490450 x 365 x 540600 x 380 x 435600 x 380 x 435460 x 580 x 380
Box weight7,9 kg6,1 kg 7,9 kg6,8 kg 12,6 kg 9,7 kg6,9 kg 9,8 kg7 kg 10,9 kg

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We offer a variety of shipping options to suit your needs! Explore the available options on the product page and choose the one that works best for you.

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At Limepack, you always get free shipping within the EU on everything you order, with the exception of non-bridged islands. If you need your goods delivered to one of these islands, please reach out for a shipping quote.

You can trust that there’s no need to worry about any hidden fees or extra costs at checkout!

Expedited production

Are you on a deadline and in need of your order in a hurry? No problem. We can speed up the production of most products and shorten the overall delivery time, so you can receive your order even faster. And the best part? You’ll only pay extra for the faster production - shipping is still completely free!

Check out the available shipping options on the product page and select the one that works best for you. The total cost of your order, which includes the production time, has already been calculated. Please note that expedited production will result in a higher cost, so if you’re not in a hurry to receive your order, we suggest opting for a longer delivery time. Take your time to explore the available options and find the one that fits your needs!

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