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Custom printed food bands

Looking for the perfect addition to your product presentation that will put your brand in the spotlight? Then custom printed food bands are the perfect solution! Simple yet effective,... Read more

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... food bands are a super versatile packaging solution that can be used for anything from freshly baked loaves of bread to takeaway containers. With your unique design printed on them, you can add that extra special touch to your products and make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Order your custom belly band packaging online today and save time and money! Ordering with us is super quick and easy, and you’ll receive your food bands in no time. We can deliver to your home or business in just 4 weeks - completely free of charge!

Adjustable food bands with many uses  

Our food bands only come in one size, but can fit almost any product thanks to their 20 notches. This feature allows you to adjust the bands and loosen or tighten them as much as you want until they fit perfectly around your product. Wrap them around the freshly baked bread in your bakery, the takeaway meals your customers bring on the go, or even gift boxes in your wine shop - the food bands can be used for many different purposes!  

The food bands are made of food-safe cardboard and are odorless and tasteless, which means that they can come into direct contact with any product without affecting it. They are even suitable for freezing. Plus, the food bands are greaseproof, so even if sauce, oil or other moisture gets on them, the band and your design will stay intact! This means you can easily use them for your sandwiches and other foods slathered in mayo or dressing. Want to give your brand an extra boost by making it even more visible? Then you can add the food bands to your custom printed takeaway bowls. You’re sure to make a lasting impression on your customers, and they’ll appreciate the extra effort you put into your packaging to give them a special experience. 

Unlimited design options with full color printing

Bring the design you've been imagining to life with our unlimited design options! Whether it's simple or detailed, we can help you get exactly the design you want. Add your logo, text, images, or any other visual elements you want to your design and create a unique look that is sure to make people remember your brand and recognize it anywhere.

We print the packaging sleeves on the surface with full color printing, which is a printing process that combines cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) to achieve a very wide range of colors. This means there is no limit to what or how many colors you can use in your design! And the best part? You don’t have to pay any additional costs for each color. So go wild and use all your favorite colors in your design! The food bands are made with a glossy finish that really brings out all the colors and details of your design and makes it shine, and the professional look is sure to catch people's attention and make them curious about your products.

Free design help from experts

Need help with setting up your design? No problem! Before completing your order, simply upload your artwork. Our expert designers are happy to help you set up your design for free, and within 24 hours you’ll receive a proof of your design. You can request all the changes you want until you are completely satisfied! You can also handle the design yourself by downloading a template and uploading your design when you order. Without design help you will still receive a design proof of your product before it’s sent off to production!

Get your food bands from just 500 pcs.

Are you a new business looking to start small? Or are you a business that wants to try something new without having to commit to massive orders? Then you've come to the right place! With a minimum order quantity starting at just 500 pcs. on our food bands with print, you don't have to worry about spending a lot of money on unnecessarily large orders before deciding on the perfect design and packaging for your business. At Limepack, you order exactly the quantity you need. Plus, with our low minimum order quantity, you can change your design as often as you like - you don't have to commit to the same design for a long period of time!

Environmentally friendly and produced in Europe

We offer a wide range of sustainable packaging solutions for businesses that want to reduce their impact on the environment. For example, our food bands are one of our many great alternatives to PE-coated products, which are neither biodegradable or recyclable. Instead of PE plastic, which packaging products are usually coated with to make them resistant to wet and greasy food, our food bands are made of cardboard with a special grease barrier. They are therefore free of plastic, making them both recyclable and compostable. If they’re not too dirty after use, they can easily be recycled with paper and made into new products, and if they end up in nature, they will eventually break down. Of course, we always encourage you to throw them in the waste bin instead, so they can decompose faster at landfill sites.

Another advantage of the food bands is that, like all our products, they are made in Europe. We have chosen to work exclusively with European manufacturers to ensure short transport routes, as we want to emit as little CO2 as possible when our products are delivered to our customers. You can order your printed food bands or other products from us knowing that the transport will be significantly shorter and have a much smaller impact on the environment than if they were to be shipped all the way from America or Asia.

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