Ice cream cups with logo – Matte surface


Ice cream cups with logo – Matte surface

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Do you want to show your customers that you have a unique and natural brand, that is reflected in your packaging as well as in the flavour of your ice cream? Ice cream cups with your logo is the perfect way to give your customers a unique experience. As the ice cream cups come with a matt surface, it will give your corporate identity a more natural and rustic expression.

Print on your ice cream cups is the refreshing twist, that you have been lacking to take your business to the next level.

Ice cream cups with print in all colours of the rainbow

In order to produce our ice cream cups, we only collaborate with manufacturers who can do full-colour print on ice cream cups. This entails a world of opportunities in designing and creating your ice cream cups as you can use all colours in the CMYK-spectrum (almost all colours) without having to pay extra for each colour you use. Let ice cream cups with logo give your business a refreshing touch. In case you do not have an in-house designer – don’t worry! We will be happy to help you with setting up the design, and it’s even free-of-charge!

Ice cream cups with logo in 5 sizes

At Limepack you can with guarantee find the ice cream that fits the product you would like to serve. We both have small sizes, so you can serve samples at the fair or the large sizes so the customers in the ice cream shop can have a ice cream with three scoops. We have the sizes: 4 oz (100 ml), 5 oz (150 ml), 8 oz (200 ml), 12 oz (300 ml) and 16 oz (400 ml). Are you looking for customised sizes or ice cream boxes with lids? Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to point you in the right direction!

Plantbased ice cream cups

You can enjoy all the benefits related to this printed ice cream cup, but without PE plastic.The same type of ice cream cup can be ordered as biodegradable. We replace the PE-plastic coating on the inside of the tub with PLA-plastic. These bio ice cream cups are manufactured with renewable, plant based resources, which makes them more environmentally friendly.

The biodegradable ice cream cups are made without oil, however, you should not throw them out in nature - they still belong in the garbage. Some recycling facilities have the possibility to recycle these bio ice cream cups, we urge you to check out your local facility’s possibilities. Unfortunately, most countries do not have these recycling facilities, but since the coatings are made of plants, you are still supporting the environment by purchasing biodegradable ice cream cups. 

What purposes are the various sizes used for?

The good thing about ice cream cups is that they are coated with PE-plastic what makes them suitable for liquids as well as foods and beverages with a more firm texture. The ice cream cups can, due to their low height and wide diameter, contain many different products. 

The smallest size, 4 oz (100 ml) is almost only used for handing out samples on fairs and in the supermarket. Be it samples of the new yogurt from Arla or a new meat product from Tulip.

Our 5 oz (150 ml) is commonly used for the smallest size of ice cream that your local ice cream café has to offer. It can contain about one and a half ice cream scoops.

The 8 oz (200 ml) is our most popular size, which is due to the fact that it can be used by companies going to a fair and wanting to offer some larger servings. Furthermore, many ice cream cafés are using it to serve their medium size ice cream. 

Our 12 oz is with its 350 ml often used for biggest size among cafés, but it also goes well with slices of fruit or other freshly cut food.

The biggest cup-size is the 16 oz (400 ml) that contains almost half a liter. It is rarely used for ice cream but is often used for frozen yogurt where more space for a lot of topping is necessary. Some shops also choose the size to serve more regular desserts like cake, brownies, etc.

Production in Europe

Our production of ice cream cups takes place in Europe, which allows us to deliver within only 5 weeks and the amount CO2-emission during transportation is hereby kept on a lower level. Moreover, it allows us to offer a minimum quantity of 1.000 pcs in some of the sizes. 


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Size100 ml (4 oz)150 ml (5 oz)200 ml (8 oz)300 ml (12 oz)400 ml (16 oz)
Height 50 mm 49,5 mm 49,5 mm 61 mm 75 mm
Top Ø 66 mm 85 mm 95 mm 105 mm 105 mm
Bottom Ø  47 mm 71 mm 79 mm 86 mm 86 mm
Weight 4,9 g 6,6 g 7,6 g 10,2 g 10,9 g
Bio available?Yes - PLA coatingYes - PLA coatingYes - PLA coatingYes - PLA coatingYes - PLA coating
Paper thickness (gsm) 232 g/sqm + 18 PE g/sqm 301 g/sqm +18 PE g/sqm 301 g/sqm + 18 PE g/sqm 301 g/sqm + 18 PE g/sqm 301 g/sqm + 18 PE g/sqm
Surface Mat Mat Mat Mat Mat
Printing method Offset, CMYK colours Offset, CMYK colours Offset, CMYK colours Offset, CMYK colours Offset, CMYK colours
Quantity pr. sleeve50 pcs.63 pcs.50 pcs. 50 pcs.50 pcs.
Sleeves pr. boxes36 pcs.20 pcs.24 pcs.20 pcs.20 pcs.
Quantity pr. box18000 pcs.1260 pcs.1200 pcs.1000 pcs.1000 pcs.
Weight pr. box, kg9,6 kg9,6 kg10,9 kg.11,8 kg11,8 kg
Size pr. box56x50x48cm56x50x48cm66x58x52cm66x58x52cm66x58x52cm
Boxes pr. pallet25 pcs. 25 pcs.20 pcs.20 pcs.20 pcs.
Quantity pr. pallet45.000 pcs.31.500 pcs. 24.000 pcs.20.000 pcs.20.000 pcs.

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