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12 Fabulous Plastic Cup Designs

By Laura Gravesen · 16. February 2021

Our Plastic Cups

Our plastic cups are very robust which makes them suitable for different types of drink in: from milkshakes to alcoholic beverages.

A great thing about the plastic cups🥤 is that they are transparent – the print does not stop your customers from seeing your delicious drink! We have throughout 2020 helped a lot of different businesses with getting print on their plastic cups.

It can be hard to navigate in the design jungle, we are aware of it and have therefore chosen 12 different designs of plastic cups representing different styles and approaches.

We have split the designs into three different categories: Designs with a one colour print, multiple colour plastic cup designs and lastly, plastic cup designs including different elements.

The reason for the split between the one colour and multiple colour plastic cups is linked to the manufacturing. We use two different manufacturers where one print single colour and the other multiple colour prints.

Now that we have covered the basic information, let’s dig in and start with the first category. 

Standard One Colour Print

Make the most out of your plastic cups with our standard 1 colour printed cups. This is the most popular cup due to both low order quantities from 1.000 pcs., and low price! The price changes with every added print colour. 

Some of the following designs (that I am going to show you) have been made in a one colour print, whilst other designs have been converted to multiple colour prints.

I really like this simplistic form of only using one colour, and especially more darker ones since it almost looks like the design is added directly on top of the drink. Like a branded liquid.

If we have to convert one or more colours, in other words reducing the amount of printing colours, we would convert the design into your main colour.

When limiting the printing colours, our designers simply swap the printed area to a non-printed area leaving the space transparent. I also think that this approach looks better than using colours most of the time.

Well, let’s see some of the design examples.

Weekend Water

Multiple Colour Print

If you would like to be a bit more creative in the design process, you could choose to have the design made with multiple colours.

The designs that I am going to show you in this section are logos printed in several colours, colours printed closely and even on top of each other.

In the following section we will go more into depth with the design possibilities that a multiple colour print offer.

The designs below are also printed with brighter colours – some of the pictures that we have taken illustrates how it can be used to your advantage.

Crust Pizza Lab
Nez Supermarket

Illustrative Print

Using geometric shapes and elements in your design is a great way to draw attention to your plastic cups.

The following section is not only about showing designs that are using geometric shapes, but some of the designs are also using elements such as drinks, dogs or burgers in the design. With this said: There are endless design opportunities!

Using elements in your designs can be really advantageous and gives that extra touch to the design – it is especially great when it does not cover the entire printing area.

This allows the customers to see the drink that they have been looking forward to tasting.

We highly suggest printed elements (if the company you work with allows it) in the design, a classic win-win situation as it is both functional and eye-catching!

Eden Jaxx
Bando Burgers
Dan & DeCarlo
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