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Different ways to use paper cups

By Steffen Andersen · 4. May 2022

Paper cup, to-go cup, disposable cup – paper cups with logo have as many different uses as they do have different names. The good thing about paper cups is that they are really just deep containers that can be used to hold a range of different contents.

In what follows, we will go through the different things that our customers most often use the cups for, as well as any remarks relating to each point. To cap things off, we also have some tips and tricks for fun things you can do with your paper cups.

The obvious utility

Most of our customers use their paper cups with logos to serve hot drinks such as coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Paper cups are designed for serving hot drinks, and you come across them every single day, whether it’s in 7/11 or in your local supermarket.

Espresso paper cups with Copper Dog print
© Limepack. Espresso paper cups for Copper Dog

When buying paper cups for serving hot drinks, you should think about how hot the drinks will be, as single wall paper cups are often not sufficient for high temperatures. Single wall cups can become very hot and almost impossible to hold until the drink starts to cool down. In such cases, you should consider whether double wall paper cups might be more suitable, as they prevent your customers from burning their fingers and help to keep the contents warm.

Cold drinks

Many of our customers use printed paper cups to serve cold drinks such as juice, water and soft drinks. They have been used for water at orienteering events and for cups of juice given to students with a message. The common theme in such cases is that the paper cups have been used to start up an interaction with other people.

Paper cup with ice cream
© Lakrids By Bülow. Single wall paper cups filled with ice cream

If you are going to use the paper cups for cold drinks, then the single wall option is well suited for this. Paper thickness is not all that important when it comes to cold drinks, as the printed cup does not need to preserve heat. Single wall cups offer a simple yet clear expression on the outside and are also a cheap option for serving drinks.

Alcohol and fat

Some of our customers have used the paper cups to serve alcoholic drinks, such as coffee with Baileys and other similar drinks. You might tend to believe that a simple paper cup can hold almost anything, but there are actually a few things that the simple cup can nonetheless struggle with. Alcohol and fat are a couple of examples. Most paper cups are actually not designed to manage large concentrations of alcohol or fat. This is rarely a problem for alcohol volumes of less than 5 % or for low fat percentages. But anything higher can drastically impact the durability of a standard paper cup.

Malibu paper cup with logo
©Limepack. Single wall paper cups made for Malibu

This can be addressed as many manufacturers are able to strengthen the cup material (especially at the bottom) so that they do not begin to leak. Alcohol and fat are not common contents for a paper cup, so remember to ask your paper cup supplier if you want to use your paper cup with logo to serve strong alcoholic drinks or drinks with very high-fat content.
If you are unsure about what you want to serve might be unsuitable for a paper cup, you are always more than welcome to give us a call and hear a little more about the various options we can offer.

Tips and tricks on how to use your paper cup in a different way

We have had customers who have used their custom designed paper cups as popcorn boxes as these are a cheaper solution, and if you select 12 or 16 oz paper cups, you will still be able to offer a good serving of popcorn. The clever thing about paper cups in this context is that their rounded exterior gives them a coherent appearance rather than a typical boxy look.

CMYK colours offer you a great form of expressivity to use on your printed paper cups. This means that we have had customers who have given their own customers the chance to add their expressions to their printed paper cups that involve their customers in the process.

As the paper cup is quite simply a container, we have also had customers who have used them to serve snacks such as fruit salads, crisps and baked potatoes. Cups in different sizes offer you the opportunity to adapt the portions depending on how much you want to serve.


In general, paper cups can be used for a range of different purposes, including many that are not listed above. It is amazing that an object as simple as a paper cup can be used in so many different ways. It is nonetheless important to consider the print and size of the paper cup in accordance with what you plan on using it for. You are always welcome to give us a call and chat with us about whether paper cups are right for your set-up.

Content and Marketing Manager at Limepack

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