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The world of opportunities with paper cups with logo

By Steffen Andersen · 16. February 2022

The start of printed paper cups

A lot think that the paper cups have to be boring and simple because it is not possible to print many colors on their paper cup without it being a really long process and even longer delivery times. It was for a long time true because the paper cups needed to be imported from China. The production facilities in China were all using Pantone colors which means that you needed to pay for each extra color that wants in your design.

News of production in Europe

Luckily it changed due to some production facilities of paper cups with print opened in Europe. They took another approach to printed paper cups their approach was that the essential thing on paper cups are the print. They knew that personalization and branding were on the rise. They made the decision to print their paper cups with CMYK colors instead of pantone colors, which meant that you could use all the colors on your design without having to pay extra and worrying about the quality. The delivery times also become even faster with European manufacturers, down to just 3 weeks and even better low CO2 emission during transportation.

Why do we need the possibilities?

You could answer the question with just one word, branding, but that’s too easy. But in a world with more choices with a competitor just around the corner, you will need a way differentiate you from your competitors. There are loads of ways for you to differentiate your business from your competitors, it could be price, quality etc. all the standard ways. But the main take away is to find what differentiates you and use that as your strength when you are telling the story of your company.

Pan deluxe paper cup with logo
© Limepack. Double wall paper cup with print

How do we use the possibilities?

It is easier said than done, but what you have to start with is to figure out what you want to be known for. Do you want to be known as, is it the cheapest, the fastest, the best customer service, your environmental focus? There are no right and wrong in this question, but you must find the one that fits you and your company. This will be your key advantage and what you have to communicate all the time you get the chance.

black friday coffee paper cup print

© Limepack. Single wall paper cup with logo

Why paper cups?

Paper cups with print is a perfect tool for getting your message out. There are several reasons for this and I will try to list some of them.
As mentioned earlier we primarily print paper cups with full-colour print now, which allows us to use most of the color spectrum and mixing the colors with no limits. This allows you to communicate messages as you would like.

kristians kaffe papkrus med logo
© Limepack.Single wall paper cup with print

With paper cups you can use all the surface for your design, so you have a 360-degree design. The 360-degree option makes it possible for to you to choose between having the same design all around the cup or choosing to have different messages on each side. In my opinion, no one is better than others, but it comes down to how you structure your design.

Paper cups also offers a lot of different variations, there are two standard types the single wall and double wall but it doesn’t stop there. You can also get paper cups with a ripple wall (which means it has an extra layer with rills on it) or dimple wall (the extra layer is used to make small bumps with air in them). As the exclusive cups, you can get hot foil cups where we can print with gold or silver metal colors. We can also make coupon cups, where you can give your customer a coupon or a direct message in the hand.

Last but not least, the paper cups give you a lot of impressions when you or your customers are walking around on the street with your branded paper cups.

We at Limepack will gladly help you with your design, and before sending it to production, we make sure that you get a 3D proof of your paper cup. It is your time to enter the world of opportunities.

Content and Marketing Manager at Limepack

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