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15 Fabulous ice cream cup designs

By Laura Gravesen · 15. March 2021

Ice cream🍦 cups can be used when serving different desserts and food, but they are primarily used for ice cream and other cold food.

We are moving further and further away from the hot summer nights, which equals that the demand for ice cream might have decreased a bit.

We have therefore decided to collect 15 ice cream cup designs that we think have been some of the best and creative designs, but also represent the broad width of ice cream designs that we have produced in 2020. 

Our Ice-Cream Cups

We have split the designs into three categories; the standard, the ones with special background effects and the more creative ones.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to designs, the conclusion we can draw from making these designs is that they represent the business and what you can expect from it. 

Enough talking! Let’s dig into the first category.

Standard Ice-Cream Cup Designs

When referring to these designs as our standard designs, I do not mean that they are basic at all, I refer to the fact that the design includes a logo printed on each side of the cup.

It makes a lot of sense that this design approach is our most popular one since it fulfills the most important goal; getting customers and potential customers to see your logo and connecting it with the product.  

The ice cream cups are made from white cardboard, and you can have the logo and design printed directly on it.

One of the things that is worth highlighting is the fact that you can print a background colour on the ice cream cups.

The designs below have taken this into consideration and found a background colour that either represents their shop or is one of the key colours in their branding. It is a great method to make sure that your customers remember you across your platforms. 

Jontes Glassbar
Frozen Cup
Bhai’s Waffles
Elif’s Tortenwelt

Ice-Cream Cup Designs With Special Background

At first thought it might seem a bit ridiculous, but effects and backgrounds play an important role when creating a great experience and coherent branding.

The background could consist of patterns, fading colours🎨 or graphic elements/pictures illustrating something in the background of your logo.

Even though the background is in focus in this section, the designed background does not steal the show – it highlights the logo! 

Hotel Sacher
Au Jardin Des Thés

Creative Ice Cream Cup Designs

The last category in this article covers ice cream cup designs made in a bit more creative way. These designs really illustrate the opportunities given when printing all-over the cup and with endless colour combinations.

When making a design like these ones, it is important to make sure that the design does not become too complex. A too complex design could confuse the customer, too many things to look at could be overwhelming.

We recommend you to focus on what you would like the customer to remember after seeing your design. If you have an idea of how to maximize attributes in a way that still communicates the message – that is optimal!

Here are four examples that we think are some of the coolest cups we have produced in 2020.

Pure Brand
The Dungeons
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