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How to order custom printed wet wipes

By Steffen Andersen · 7. February 2022

Our wet wipes are produced with our manufacturing partner in Eastern Europe, who we are working closely with to ensure great priced wet wipes in all of Europe. We are able to offer wet wipes with your print from 5.000 pcs. and the delivery time is 7 weeks from the design has been approved. But in order to ensure that you make the right decision when buying your custom printed wet wipes, we have made a small guide for you.

Paper type

When it comes to our custom printed wet wipes, we offer three different paper types: kraft, paper, and triplex. But what do we mean by paper types? It is the material that the wet wipes are packed in, and it is the material that we will print on top of. These paper types have different surfaces that will influence your print on the wet wipes. The paper type “kraft” has a matte surface, and the background colour is kraft brown, which gives a natural expression. The paper type called “paper” is made out of paper, and it has a white background color as well as a glossy surface. “Paper” is the most used paper type for the wet wipes. The last material “triplex” is made of plastic and has a shiny, glossy finish.

Printing method

We use the printing method flexography print, which is also why we use almost 100% Pantone colours when printing on the wet wipes. We are able to print the wet wipes in up to 4 different Pantone colours, and the price of the wet wipes depends on how many colours you choose in the design. 


The wet wipes are not only great because you can get print on them, but the cloth inside the wet wipes also has a fragrance that will make the customer’s hands smell nice after they have used them. We have three different fragrances as a standard: soap, lemon and alcohol. The wet wipes with alcohol cost a bit more than the ones with soap and lemon.


The standard size for our wet wipes is 60x100mm, but we are actually able to make other sizes than these without any additional cost. We have chosen this size as our standard size because it is the most used size. We are able to a larger and smaller size; 60x80mm and 50x120mm. If you have a long logo it could make sense for you to choose the size 50x120mm instead. All the different sizes can be made in all of the paper types, and all the fragrances are also available no matter the size. The cloth for the wet wipes will always have the size 140x200mm. 

If you need any help with ordering your wet wipes, or if you need our team of designers to make you a design proof of them, you can always contact us at mail@limepack.eu or via phone +45 52 70 47 62

Content and Marketing Manager at Limepack

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