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How to buy Plastic Cups

By Steffen Andersen · 25. September 2019

Plastic cups can be a rather difficult product to order, why in the following guide we will cover the decisions you need to make before ordering. When ordering plastic cups you need to actually take three decisions on our category page this is the quantity, amount of colours and delivery time you are looking for. I will cover the differences down below.


We work with two different manufacturers who are placed in Europe. We have one manufacturer who can deliver plastic cups from a 1.000 pcs’ to 10.000 pcs. 

Our other manufacturer has a minimum order quantity of 5.000 pcs’, and they have no limit in the maximum amount you can order. If you buy more than 200.000 pcs. The delivery time can be longer than 6 weeks.

Delivery time

We use two different manufacturers of plastic cups. We have one who can deliver in three weeks in amounts from 1.000 to 10.000 pcs., they can normally also deliver faster than three weeks.

We also work with a cheaper manufacturer who has a minimum of 5.000 pcs. Who has a delivery time of 4-6 weeks and no express option.

Amount of colours

In order to be able to deliver plastic cups from a 1.000 pcs. And in only three weeks, this manufacturer are only able to make one Pantone colour print, and you have to choose between 11 different colours; white, black, yellow, rhodamine red, reflex blue, rubine red, purple, cyan, warm red, violet, green. We are able to buy custom colours for the print, but then delivery time and price will be higher.  

With our manufacturer who can deliver from 5.000 pcs., we can use up to 6 different Pantone colours in the design. There are no limitations in the Pantone colours, so you can use practically all colours you would like.

Elliot plastic cup for craft beer


Our plastic cups are available in 4 different sizes and can be used for multiple drinks. We can with our plastic cups from a 5.000 pcs. make two types of 350 ml., one in standard and one in luxury thickness. The standard one is cheaper but still really durable. 

How to design – Colour print

When it comes to the stage where you want to decide the design of your plastic cup, you need to remember to pick the amount of colours you would like in the design. If you want to buy between 1.000 to 5.000 cups, remember you can only pick one colour and you have to choose between 11 colours. It is important for our design team to know, so they can help you make the perfect design for your plastic cups. You can also work on the design one of your own, and upload it with your order and our design team will look it over before it goes to production.


You can also get lids for your plastic cups, since the diameter of the cups are 95 mm in all sizes, the lids fit for all of them. You can choose between dome and flat lids, they are both transparent.

How to order

At the end, when you have decided what you want to order and the quantity that you are looking for, then you fill-out all the information in our check-out flow. It is important to insert VAT number because otherwise Danish VAT will be added amounting to 25% off the total price.


Our delivery timeframe for plastic cups together with production time is within 3 weeks if you choose the 1 colour print plastic cups. If its a larger order than 5.000 cups it will take approximately between 4-6 weeks to be delivered at the given address.

Content and Marketing Manager at Limepack

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