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How to buy Paper Straws

By Steffen Andersen · 15. November 2019

In the following paper, I will quickly go over some of the important things to consider when buying paper straws. You are of course also welcome to contact your customer support for help. 


Our selection of paper straws are in two different types. We have our standard paper straws in 6 mm width, they are primarily used ford for iced coffee, soda and juices. The other type is 8 mm in width, which are great for smoothies, milkshakes, and bubble tea.

With or without print

We can print our paper straws with two different printing methods, since this allows us to offer paper straws with print in lower minimum order quantities. 

First, we can make them with tampon print, where you can get a straight line printed along the straw. The straw can have three different background colours; white, black and green. In the print, you can get up to a two colour print, and you need to choose between 10 different Pantone colours. The minimum order quantity is 5.000 pcs..

Secondly, we can make the full cover print, where the print will follow how the paper are folded and it will be processed in all standard prints. You can get up to four colours in the design, and you need to choose between 10 different Pantone colours, we are able to buy new colours for projects, but the cost of the straws will be higher then. On these straws we have a minimum order quantity of 35.000 pcs.


The two different sizes come in different lengths. Below we will go through the lengths in the different types. 

Standard paper straws 6 mm width come in three different lengths:

Jumbo paper straws 8 mm come in two different lengths:

Choose your colour

The colours that you can choose between differs between the types, with our standard straws you can choose between 13 colours, and with jumbo straws you can choose between 4 colours. 

With standard paper straws, you can straws that have the same colour on all of the straw, or that have stripes. With full cover you can either get them in white, black or green. In stripes you can choose between red, yellow, green, navy-blue, black, orange, process-blue, pink, aqua-blue or violet. 

With jumbo straws you can only get stripes on the straws in four different colours; red, yellow, navy-blue and green.


The minimum order quantity depends on the type that you have chosen, with standard straws it is 5.000 pcs. And with jumbo straws it is 3.250 pcs.. 

The most bought quantity of standard straws is 15.000 pcs., since you will save the highest percentage pr. Piece with this quantity. 

The most bought quantity for jumbo straws is 3.250 due to the prices do not change the more you buy.

How to order

When you have decided the type and length and the quantity that you are looking for, then you have to fill-out all the information in our check-out flow. It is important to insert VAT number otherwise Danish VAT will be added amounting to 25% off the total price.

From you have placed the order, and we have received the payment we have a standard delivery time of 3 weeks. We can sometimes do it faster if we have the straws in storage.

Content and Marketing Manager at Limepack

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