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How to buy Food Cups

By Steffen Andersen · 30. September 2019

If you are not sure on how to get printed food cups, we have down below made a small guide on some of the things you have to take into consideration. Let’s dig in.


The first thing you have to take into consideration is the size of the cups. Our food cups come in two sizes that are used a lot for to-go food or freezing down ice or yoghurt to sell in supermarkets. The available sizes are 300 ml and 480 ml.


The lids are available in one size and they fit perfectly for both sizes of food cups. The lids fit for a top diameter of 90 mm., which means the lids can also be bought and used on the paper cups. The Lids are great if you are looking to serve hot food and want to keep it hot for your customer in a longer period, but they are of course also necessary for when you want to sell frozen down yogurt and ice cream in supermarkets.

How to design

The great thing about food cups is that you are able to print on all of the surface, both on the side and the top of the lid, which gives you the opportunity to make exactly the design you are looking to get. We use full-colour print(CMYK) which means that you can use as many colours in the design as you would like.

When starting to design food cups, you can download our design template, where you will get three different templates. There is one for the cup surface, one for the lid stripe, and the top of the lid. If you want us to help with the design, then please forward us all of your design materials, and then we can help you set it up.

How to order

When you have decided what you want to order and the quantity that you are looking for, then you have to fill-out all the information in our check-out flow. It is important to insert VAT number because otherwise Danish VAT will be added amounting to 25% off the total price. 

When you have completed the order, please send the three different design files to your Limepack representative.


Our delivery time for food cups is 3 weeks from the approval of design and we have received the payment. If you have a deadline please let us know, because we can sometimes push the production to go quicker.

Content and Marketing Manager at Limepack

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