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35 Fabulous Greaseproof Paper Designs

By Laura Gravesen · 29. January 2021

Our Greaseproof Paper

At Limepack we are working together with a lot of different customers for making greaseproof paper for their food.

They use their greaseproof paper for a lot of different food such as donuts, meat, burger and etc.

it has resulted in us making over 2000 designs for greaseproof paper, and we wanted to show you some of the different styles that our customers are using.

This will both include very simple designs and different styles of making the design simple but you will also see some very colourful designs.

Hopefully you will get some inspiration for your design and make you find the design style that you like and would like to represent your product and business.

Standard Designs For Greaseproof Paper

This section will be about standard designs for our greaseproof paper, which is 70 % of the greaseproof paper designs we make and produce.

The reason why so many designs are made in this style is because if you use the paper to wrap or to place the food on top of then it is homesafe that your customers will see the logo.

The main thing that represents this kind of design is that the logo is placed a lot of times over the paper, and it is either placed horizontally or diagonally.

Horizontal Print

One of the reasons why so many of our customers choose to get their logo printed horizontally is because it no matter if it is used to wrap food into it, or if it is used to serve food on top of the paper, then it is easy to see the logo all over the paper. It is especially an advantage when it comes to using the paper to serve food on, since if the logos are inclined then the customers would have to see the paper from the side. This way the logos are facing towards the customer and not in other directions.

Ømands Bacon
Jameson Whiskey
Stempel Bar

Diagonal Print

Putting the logos diagonally instead of horizontally is an easy way to spice up the design without too much effort, and make the design not seem too simple and boring. The design approach is also really cool when using the paper to wrap food in as wraps, sandwiches and other since when wrapping the around something it is round, it can sometimes end up being horizontal, so the logos are easy to see.

Glazed & Confused
Alles Käse
The Crock’n’Roll
Fridas Café
Cold & Press’d by PLNT

Tight Print

These kinds of designs are inspired a lot by our more standard designs, but where they are printing a lot more on the paper than just having the logos horizontally or diagonally.

Some of the designs using this approach can also just be the logo that is printed very close next to each other.

I am personally a favourite of this design approach and especially when both mixing the logo with design elements, because then it’s a bit more creative and special than the standard designs.

The Third Sin
Chapter 1
Matcha Mafia
POPL Burger

Illustrative Print With Logo 

Sometimes making the best design on your food paper is just letting loose, and using your creativity – but in the process of being creative it is important to remember consistency since it is what makes the customers tick and remember you when they either see some of these symbols or your logo.

The designs that you will see below have taken the principle of mixing design elements and their logo on the paper to the next level and have made several design elements easy to remember.

Pâtes Manie
Royal Grill
Bun It

Illustrative Print

The logo isn’t always the best way to showcase your product and for your customers to make your customers remember you.

This is especially the case if you have design elements or symbols that are more important in the design than your logo.

I do especially like this approach when it comes to using it for serving food on top of the greaseproof paper.

The below examples are all companies who uses their paper to serve food on top of, and they have made their designs primarily by using elements that represents their business.

Dodo Pizza
Letterbox Treats
Brillo Pizza

Special Background Print

The greaseproof paper is normally printed on either white or kraft paper, but some customers do prefer to get a special background colour that matches their companies key colours.

Just as often it is actually not colours that they would like but pictures that they would like to have printed as the background.

No matter what they have chosen to have as their background we are able to print either logo, elements or other things on top of the background colour or picture.

Dough Masons
Kitchen Rebels

Custom Cut Print

The great thing about the greaseproof paper is that it can be cut out in almost all sizes, and that is something that some brands choose to use in their design process.

This allows them to designs that fit for different purposes of the paper, so some of the paper can be design for holding fries and other parts of it can serving paper and so on.

It is also an opportunity for you, if you want to have different designs of the paper that you are using to wrap your food with, or if you just have different kinds of food that needs to be wrapped with several designs.

Vincent Denis
La Strada Ristorante
nNea Pizza
El Burrito Mexicano

Colorful Print

The last category I have included in this article is primarily just to show what you are able to get printed on food paper – it is not something we print very often, but it is a possibility we have, if your design needs to be very colorful.

When using this very colourful approach I would recommend that you are very picky with the colours and mainly use colours that have a meaning for your business and something that reflects it.

Otherwise the key colours can be overlooked because there are so many things that can grab the customers attention. Have a look at some of the different ones that we have produced down below.

Tuck Box Cakes
Baker Days
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