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Top Gen Z Events: Trends and Engagement Strategies for 2024

By Anttoni Taimela · 12. February 2024

What makes Gen Z events click?

For anyone born between 1997 and 2012, it’s a mix of digital flair, authenticity, and inclusivity.

As you delve into this guide, uncover key strategies for engaging Gen Z through events that buzz with innovation💡, offer real connections, and break the mold with inclusivity.

Stay ahead of the curve in event planning with insights tailored for Generation Z.

Key Takeaways

  • Gen Z craves authenticity and digitized, socially-interactive events. They’re here for the real reels, not snooze-worthy pamphlets.
  • User-generated content is Gen Z’s catnip. Give them a stage to share, and they’ll turn your event into the trending topic of the day.
  • Green is the new black for Gen Z event-goers. They’ll raise a glass to sustainability and inclusivity, so plan events with the planet and all its peeps in mind.

Understanding Gen Z and Their Event Preferences

Gen Z Gen Z

Cue the spotlight on Generation Z, our headliners for today. Born between 1997 and 2012, this generation is making waves in the millennial events space with their unique event preferences.

Being digital natives, gen z consumers crave events that sparkle with a solid digital interactivity component. They want to swipe, click, and engage – it’s part of their DNA!

What drives Gen Z? Authenticity. They’re all about keeping it real. No airs, no pretenses.

They yearn for genuine experiences and straight-up honesty from event organizers.

They also value a welcoming atmosphere, where everyone, regardless of their background, feels included.

A successful Gen Z marketing strategy understands this and nurtures a strong sense of community. After all, who wants to feel like a fish out of water at an event?

Crafting Events for a Digital-First Audience

Gen Z event Gen Z event

Next, we delve into the concept of digital-first. In the millennial events space, this approach is all about using digital technologies to make events more engaging, accessible, and exciting.

Think of it as giving your event a ‘tech makeover’, dressing it up with the latest digital trends to catch the eye of the Gen Z audience.

What does adopting a digital-first approach entail, and how does it enhance the event experience? Let’s unpack this.

Integrating Social Media Interactivity

When it comes to social media, Gen Z is all about that life. They’re the kings and queens of the social media kingdom, speaking the language of likes, shares, and retweets with ease.

Therefore, integrating social media interactivity is the secret sauce to getting Gen Z familiar with your event space and brand.

It’s about making information sharing fun and interactive, and drawing in those Gen Zers who are all about attending the event and getting the lowdown on the brand.

What type of content can we create that will engage Gen Z at events?

We’re talking about creating some seriously cool and engaging content that resonates with the content creator vibe in the events world.

To effectively create content for Gen Z, think:

  • Bite-sized tweets
  • Aesthetic Insta posts
  • Immersive stories
  • Dynamic reels
  • Viral TikToks

This is the kind of content that’ll have the Gen Z crowd hooked, scrolling, and sharing!

Emphasizing Video Content

Move over, text! Video📹 content is here to steal the show. For Gen Z, video content is like the secret sauce in their event attendance decisions.

It creates a strong emotional bond, giving them a taste of the vibe and excitement of the event.

It’s no surprise then that studies reveal that 90% of consumers swear by video for making purchase choices.

Which video content types are capable of captivating Gen Z? They can’t resist:

  • interactive video content, like quizzes and polls
  • short-form videos
  • visually appealing content
  • interactive experiences

They practically live on YouTube, and platforms like TikTok are their playground. After all, who can resist a good TikTok challenge or a captivating YouTube vlog?

Branded Takeaway Packaging: The Silent Marketer

In the realm of Gen Z events, the unspoken hero often lies in the details, such as the takeaway packaging.

Branded takeaway packaging isn’t just a vessel for leftovers; it’s a silent marketer, whispering your brand’s story long after the event has ended.

Imagine a sea of Instagram stories featuring your custom-designed boxes, a subtle yet powerful form of user-generated content that Gen Z adores.

This packaging becomes a mobile billboard, parading through the streets, turning heads, and sparking conversations.

It’s an opportunity for event planners to extend their reach and for brands to showcase their commitment to sustainability, a quality that resonates deeply with this environmentally conscious generation.

By choosing packaging that’s as photogenic as it is eco-friendly, you’re not just packing up food; you’re packaging an experience that travels beyond the event, into the homes and hearts of a generation that values what you stand for as much as what you serve up.

The Rise of User-Generated Content at Gen Z Gatherings

Gen Z gathering Gen Z gathering

Next up on our Gen Z event planning radar is user-generated content (UGC). This is where attendees become creators, sharing their own content based on their experiences and opinions.

It’s a game-changer in Gen Z events as it serves as genuine social proof, boosts consumer confidence, and gets the audience all fired up about the brand.

Gen Z is all about that UGC life. They value authenticity and trust brands more when they use UGC. An event where attendees get to share their personal experiences and opinions?

That’s a recipe for a Gen Z-approved event! Need an example? Look no further than Spotify’s ‘Me, Also Me’ campaign, where users created and shared playlists that showcased different sides of their personalities.

This type of user-generated content can also be applied to personal events, where attendees can share their favorite memories and moments.

Personalizing Events with a Human Touch

Gen Z event Gen Z event

Next, we discuss the significance of personalization at events.

Personalization is the secret ingredient for Gen Z engagement at events.

It’s about creating positive vibes and boosting engagement by serving up content that vibes with their preferences, behaviors, and interests.

How can we personalize events effectively? Let’s delve into this.

Featuring Real Stories and Faces

Including real stories and faces at events can really hit home with Gen Z attendees.

They want to see that you’re on the same page and making a positive difference for the planet and society.

This not only earns their trust but also makes them feel at ease and genuine at your events.

Event planners can add some flavor to events for Gen Z by:

  • Creating an ‘Instagram-worthy’ space
  • Bringing in authentic speakers to share their stories
  • Including activities that give back to the community for that positive impact

And when it comes to events that have nailed this, think about the Top 5 Successful Gen Z Marketing Campaigns and events that prioritize face-to-face interaction and brand trust.

These marketing strategies truly resonate with Gen Z, embracing their individuality and authenticity.

Hosting Inclusive and Values-Driven Events

Inclusivity and values-driven events are all the rage in Gen Z event planning. Gen Z values a welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels included.

They also have a hunger for social responsibility at events and expect brands to step up and tackle diversity and inclusion issues.

How can event planners achieve this? It’s all about setting inclusivity goals, ensuring the venue is accessible, and bringing in a diverse mix of speakers, performers, and panelists.

Bringing in influencers who align with these values can also help to promote the event and engage the Gen Z audience.

Examples of events that have nailed this include VidCon, Fortnite events, and other gatherings that prioritize sustainability and inclusivity.

Designing Interactive and Experiential Events

Interactive and experiential events are like a magnet for Gen Z attendees.

These events are all about offering unique experiences and interactive elements that get attendees involved and sharing their experiences.

They’re about more than just attending an event – they’re about being a part of it. Some examples of interactive and experiential events include:

  • Virtual reality experiences
  • Escape rooms
  • Live art installations
  • Interactive workshops
  • Gamified activities

By incorporating these elements into your event, you can create a memorable and engaging experience for Gen Z attendees.

How can our creative team design such events? By:

  • Thinking outside the box
  • Being quick on our feet
  • Hitting the right spots for engagement
  • Making it Instagram-worthy

It’s about engaging the younger crowd at events like a son’s graduation gathering, offering them something they can’t resist, and creating an atmosphere where they feel free to express themselves.

After all, who doesn’t love a good photo op, right?

Leveraging Influencers and Gen Z Voices

Influencers and Gen Z voices have a massive impact on promoting events and creating genuine connections with the audience.

They’re like the cool kids in school – everyone wants to be them, and everyone wants to be with them.

Bringing in influencers like Kylie Jenner, Charli D’Amelio, and Emma Chamberlain can help draw in the Gen Z crowd and generate buzz around your event.

They can create and share relevant content, promote your unique event hashtag, and encourage attendees to share their experiences on social media.

Therefore, if you aim to make your event stand out, it’s high time to engage these influencers.

The Importance of Sustainability in Gen Z Events

Sustainability is a key concern for Gen Z. They’re all about saving the planet and even ready to splash some extra cash on sustainable stuff.

To them, brands that prioritize sustainability can distinguish themselves and gain a loyal fan base.

This makes sustainability🌱 a crucial consideration in Gen Z event planning and execution.

Event planners can integrate sustainable practices into their strategies, such as using reusable or recyclable materials, incorporating giveback activities, and implementing the triple bottom line approach.

Events like VidCon and Fortnite, which prioritize both sustainability and inclusivity, serve as excellent examples that have made a significant impact on Gen Z.

Event Spaces Tailored to Gen Z: A New Trend?

Tailoring event spaces to Gen Z’s preferences is emerging as a new trend in the industry.

These spaces are designed to be super ‘Instagrammable’ and visually stunning, giving attendees the perfect backdrop for their social media posts.

These millennial event space venues are all about:

  • Creating unforgettable experiences, not just hosting an event
  • Captivating Gen Z and sustaining their engagement
  • Shaking up the traditional event venues and creating a whole new trend in the events world.

Examples include modern, tech-savvy spots and niche networking events or meetups that cater to specific interests or sectors within the industry.

The Role of Community and Collaboration in Gen Z Events

Community and collaboration play a significant role in Gen Z events. They foster a sense of belonging and shared experiences, creating a strong connection between attendees.

After all, no one wants to feel isolated at an event.

Event planners can cultivate a sense of community and collaboration by emphasizing relationship building and promoting intergenerational unity.

They can also stir in a culture of transparency, authenticity, and open communication to build trust and create a sense of belonging.

In addition, they can encourage active participation through activities like photo contests.

Examples of events that have done this well include VidCon, Fortnite World Cup, and TwitchCon.


So, there you have it – a deep dive into the world of Gen Z and their event preferences.

From their love for digital interactivity and authenticity to their demand for inclusivity and sustainability, Gen Z is setting the bar high for event planning.

It’s time to embrace these preferences and adapt our event planning strategies to create unforgettable experiences for this dynamic generation.

After all, the future of events is here, and it’s all about Gen Z!

Frequently Asked Questions

What major events happened in Generation Z?

From viral challenges to social activism, Gen Z has been shaped by influential events that have defined their generation. (No date)

What are Gen Z known for?

Gen Z is known for being open-minded and accepting, with a majority supporting social movements such as Black Lives Matter and climate change. They are also known for their heavy reliance on digital technology, spending a significant amount of time online for various activities.

How do you attract Gen Z to events?

Attract Gen Z to events by offering exclusive and creative experiences that can’t be found elsewhere. Just think outside the box and they’ll come flocking to your event.

How does Gen Z view the world?

Gen Z values security and a sustainable environment, and they have a unique perspective on diversity, expecting it as part of their life experience.

How does Gen Z like to be marketed to?

Gen Z prefers personalized ads, with 81% of them expressing a preference for this approach over traditional ads. Additionally, they seek out brands with bold personalities rather than the sleek and minimal aesthetic favored by Millennials.

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