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How to Choose the Best Location for Your Stand at the Expo

By Anttoni Taimela · 8. February 2024

Finding the best location for your stand at an expo can feel like a high-stakes game of chess – each choice could determine your success🚀.

This guide will show you how to choose the best location for your stand at the expo, ensuring you capture the right attention, engage more visitors, and meet your business targets.

From analyzing floor plans to positioning yourself near the hubbub, we’ll help you make the smart, strategic placement moves that get results.

Key Takeaways

  • Location, Location, Location! Proximity to high-traffic features like main stages or food courts helps your stand become the queen bee of attraction, drawing all the worker bees during their off time.
  • Your booth shouldn’t be hide-and-seek champion. Corner stands strike the right pose in the expo’s runway, while ensuring accessibility makes sure no one trips on their way to your fabulous display.
  • Early bird catches the best spot! Booking a stand 6-12 months ahead is like getting the front row tickets to your favorite show. Make your mark before the others even start looking for a pen.

Navigating the Expo Floor Plan

event booth event booth

An expo floor plan is akin to a treasure map, guiding you towards a successful exhibition layout.

It’s not just a layout of the venue, but a blueprint of opportunities awaiting you. It’s where you can crack the code and find the best exhibition stand location.

But how do you read this map? How do you decipher the secrets hidden in its lines and symbols?

The initial step involves comprehending the traffic flow at expo events.

The distribution of visitors, the main entrance and food areas, the venue floor plan – all these important factors influence the booth location at expo events.

Also, make friends with the event features. Main stages, food courts, or popular exhibition floor attractions can really spice up booth placement in an expo.

Stands near these areas, especially exhibition floor attractions stands, tend to sashay their way into more foot traffic and catch the eye of attendees during breaks.

Traffic Flow Analysis

When planning an exhibition, analyzing traffic flow is similar to choreographing a dance for the attendees.

It’s about making sure visitors can move around smoothly and have a great time at the exhibition.

So how do you become a traffic flow fortune teller at a trade show? By turning into Sherlock Holmes, of course!

Start observing and taking detailed notes on traffic patterns at different times of the day.

Use this detective work to design your booth layout and attract all the right attention. It’s all about understanding:

  • the orientation, preferences, and profile of visitors
  • timing
  • location within the venue
  • the use of circulation management techniques

Plus, don’t forget to consider the strategic positioning of entrances and exits on an expo floor plan, taking into account the venue’s shape and size, fire regulations, and how visitors move around.

Proximity to Event Features

Ever wondered why the best restaurants are always near the city’s hotspots?

It’s because they understand the power of proximity. And the same applies to your exhibition stand.

Placing your booth near the action like seminars and catering is like putting a spotlight on your booth, making it such an attraction.

You’ll naturally draw in folks who are already into that stuff and boost the traffic to your booth.

But there’s more to it than just picking the best location near the action.

You need to aim for a spot with tons of foot traffic and a prime view of the action.

Plus, setting up near a vendor you’re affiliated with can reel in even more interested attendees.

If the expo has a conference room, positioning your booth nearby can also attract more visitors.

And remember, every rose has its thorns. You might have to battle it out all your direct competitors for attendees’ attention, shell out more for prime locations, and deal with the chaos of overcrowding in those high-traffic areas.

Visibility and Accessibility

Ever heard the phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind’?

Well, the same applies to your exhibition stand. Just like a peacock strutting its feathers, your stand and exhibition equipment needs to be visible and accessible to attract visitors.

So how do you make sure your stand shines bright like a diamond at expo events?

First, think about your booth’s strategic location. A corner stand at the intersection of two aisles is like your prime real estate – it gets eyes from all angles.

And let’s not forget about the power of size – bigger stands mean bigger brand visibility.

Plus, a top-notch design can turn even the most hidden booth space into a hotspot.

But, visibility isn’t the only factor to consider. You also need to make your expo stand the epitome of accessibility.

Think well-placed ramps with perfect turning angles, clear signage, easy-to-access materials, and staff trained to assist visually impaired attendees.

After all, the location of a stand is no joke when it comes to accessibility.

Establishing Your Exhibition Goals

engagement space engagement space

Having explored the expo floor plan, it’s time to delve into your goals. Setting clear exhibition goals is like setting your GPS before setting off on a road trip.

It determines the direction you take and the stops you make along the way.

So, how do these goals boss around your stand locations?

Whether it’s lead generation, company objectives, or simply catching the eye of the wandering crowd, exhibition goals play a big shot when it comes to picking stand locations.

And the secret sauce for reeling in leads at exhibitions?

Prep, work the room, and follow up like a champ. But, it’s not just about the leads.

Boosting brand recognition is equally important, and there are plenty of savvy methods to do that – from throwing killer receptions to rocking a killer booth design.

Lead Generation Focus

If your ultimate goal is lead generation, envisage your booth as a magnet. It’s not just about the display, but also about creating areas for interaction and lead generation.

So, how do you turn your expo booth into a lead generation machine?

You can jazz it up by adding meeting areas for juicy discussions, tossing in some interactive experiences using fancy technology, and making sure to use that three-dimensional space like a boss.

And remember, a clutter-free booth gives off a professional vibe and draws people in, while smart signage helps guide and inform visitors, making it easier to generate leads at such a seminar.

And let’s not forget about the human touch. Having well-trained staff is crucial for captivating visitors, imparting information, and skillfully utilizing the booth’s design to boost lead generation.

Brand Awareness Strategy

Have you ever observed how certain brands remain etched in your memory?

That’s the effect of brand awareness.

And your exhibition stand can be a powerful wand to cast that spell.

But how do you cook up a killer exhibition stand that screams brand awareness?

Well, to make sure your booth steals the show, you’ll want to:

  • Sprinkle in some brand identity elements like color, logo, and tagline
  • Stir in consistent logos for that seamless look
  • Add a dash of interactive touchscreens and VR/AR
  • Garnish with eye-catching visuals
  • Top it off with bold branding elements

And remember, when it comes to your brand, it’s not just about the design. A successful brand should:

  • Flaunt its brand identity
  • Make a bold visual impact
  • Employ sharp and savvy staff to convey the brand message
  • Whip up some interactive experiences for visitors

Selecting Your Stand Space

booth design booth design

Having explored the expo floor, set our goals, and determined our unique selling points, it’s time to select our stand space.

Think of it as choosing your new home. You want it to be in the right neighborhood, have enough room for your stuff, and give off the right vibes.

But how do you decide between a corner booth and an inline booth?

Corner booths are like the VIP section of expos – more exposure, higher traffic, and engagement from all angles. But they come with a hefty price tag and demand more setup time.

On the other hand, inline booths are the budget-friendly option, but they lack the spotlight and have to fight for attention in the crowd.

It’s a real expo conundrum, isn’t it?

That’s where course corner stands come into play, offering a balance between visibility and affordability.

Corner vs. Inline Booths

Deciding on a corner or an inline booth at an expo can be compared to choosing between a beachfront villa and a secluded cabin in the woods.

Both have their perks and pitfalls. So, how do you make this tough decision?

You’ll need to weigh the following factors when choosing a booth location:

  • The booth’s location
  • Potential booth neighbors
  • Aisle traffic
  • Budget

It’s all about understanding the pros and cons and deciding what works best for your brand.

The Right Amount of Space

Ever tried packing for a trip and realized your suitcase🧳 is too small?

That’s the last thing you want to feel when setting up your exhibition stand. You need enough room to wow visitors and rake in leads.

But how much room more space does your exhibition stand need to shine?

Well, the 3m x 3m space is like the little black dress of exhibition displays – it’s a classic choice that gives your products or services enough room to work their magic.

You also need to make sure there’s enough room for at least two savvy employees. And of course space let’s not forget about the visitors.

You need to cleverly allocate space, taking into account the venue’s layout, and ensuring there’s enough room for demonstrations, discussions, and lead generation activities.

When it comes to setting up your exhibition booth, the sweet spot is finding a distance that keeps you clear of the initial chaos, but still strategically positioned to catch the eye at key meeting spots.

Stand Out from the Crowd

exhibition stand exhibition stand

You’ve picked a location for your exhibition space, now it’s time to make it shine.

Your exhibition stand needs to be a beacon, a siren’s song luring visitors from the sea of booths.

A killer exhibition stand design doesn’t just display your brand, it also gives you an edge over the competition. But how do you make sure your stand stands out?

First, you need to bring your A-game in creativity. Fresh ideas and designs can really make a lasting impression on the expo floor.

And don’t forget about the branding. Weave brand elements into the design by:

  • Using some snazzy lighting to highlight key messages and print materials
  • Adding a pop of vibrant colors to grab attention
  • Strategically playing with contrasting lights and colors to complement the brand identity and make the stand look absolutely fabulous.

Creative Exhibition Stand Design

An exhibition stand design transcends physical space, serving as a manifestation of your brand.

It’s a canvas on which you can paint your brand’s story, making it unforgettable and impressive.

But how do you create a stand design that captures the soul of your brand? With the help of exhibition stand construction, you can bring your vision to life.

You need to think beyond the physical structure. Think about:

  • the colors
  • the lights
  • the graphics
  • the messaging

Think about how all these suppliers and elements can come together to create a captivating, engaging, and memorable experience for your visitors.

Interactive Elements

We live in a world where people don’t just want to see – they want to touch, explore, and interact. This is where interactive elements come into play.

But how do you incorporate these elements into your exhibition stand?

Think about what your visitors would want to do. Would they want to try out your product?

Learn more about your services?

Engage with your brand?

Once you understand this, you can create interactive elements that cater to these needs, from product demonstrations to digital displays.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

The path to success is frequently marked by errors, but learning from others’ mistakes can help you avoid stumbling.

Booking your stand space well in advance is like getting the best spot in the house – it gives you more options to choose from, and let’s face it, location matters when it comes to drawing in the crowd and making those vital connections. But what happens if you book late?

Booking a stand space late can land you in a pickle, leaving you with limited options for a prime location and possibly stuck with a smaller stand, putting a damper on your exhibition success.

So when should you start planning your exhibition stand?

The sweet spot for booking a stand space at an exhibition is 6-12 months ahead. But what about the distractions that can ruin a stand’s prime location?

Distance from Distractions

Lights, graphics, giveaways🎁, other bustling stands…all these can potentially steal the spotlight and keep attendees from visiting your stand.

So, keeping competitor’s stand a safe distance from distractions can help maintain visitor focus and up the odds of attracting them to the stand. But how do you find the perfect spot?

When it comes to setting up your exhibition booth, the sweet spot is finding a distance that keeps you clear of the initial chaos, but still strategically positioned to catch the eye at key meeting spots.

It’s all about finding that balance where your displays shine without getting lost in the crowd.

Knowing When to Book

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to booking your stand at an exhibition.

Being ahead of the game and booking a stand early for an exhibition offers several benefits:

  • Snagging the prime spot
  • Ample time to strategize and get ready
  • Boosting your brand’s visibility
  • Maximizing your marketing game
  • Drawing in a bigger crowd to your stand

But how early should you book?

The sweet spot for booking a stand at an exhibition is 6-12 months in advance, especially if you’re aiming for those custom-built exhibition stands or extravagant displays.

And yes, being fashionably early with your booking can bag you the best stand locations at many exhibitions too.

Aligning with the Theme

themed event themed event

Think back to a themed party where someone turned up in casual wear. You don’t want to be that person.

Aligning your exhibition stand design with the expo’s theme is like adding a dash of spice to your business presentation. But how do you align your stand with the expo’s theme?

To really jazz up your stand location, you’ll want to:

  1. Pick a spot that vibes with the expo’s theme on the floor plan
  2. Make sure your stand has enough room to lure in and charm visitors
  3. Strategically position your stand in relation to competitors, keeping the theme in mind for maximum visitor interaction.

Leveraging Relationships

The old adage, ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,’ rings true in the expo world too.

Chumming up with neighboring exhibitors at an expo is a must for fostering a friendly expo community, where everyone can reap the rewards of a successful stand. But how do you build these relationships?

The key🔑 is to be genuinely interested in what your neighboring exhibitors have to offer and find subtle ways to be of value to them without being too pushy about your own business.

Be the ultimate supportive neighbors, introducing them to industry contacts, sharing potential business overflow, and showing genuine appreciation for their work.


We’ve navigated the expo floor plan, established our goals, selected our best stand location and space, and learned how to stand out from the crowd.

We’ve also learned how to avoid common pitfalls, align with the expo’s theme, and leverage relationships with fellow exhibitors. It’s been quite the journey, hasn’t it?

But remember, the best location for your stand is not just about the physical space.

It’s about the strategy, the planning, and the execution. It’s about understanding the expo and your place within it.

So, go out there and make your mark. After all, the world is your expo!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the best booth location?

The best booth location would be near intersections with multiple traffic flows, away from the entrance but close to perks like a cafe or restroom. Avoid being too close to direct competitors, or big brand names and sponsors. Happy booth hunting!

What are the best places to select a stand?

Select a stand in a location that offers high visibility and foot traffic. Look for places with good exposure to your target audience. Happy selling!

How do I choose an exhibition stand?

Choose an exhibition stand carefully, as it is as crucial as selecting the right booth staff and trade show. The wrong stand can lead to unnecessary expenses and impact your overall trade show results.

How much does an Expo stand cost?

Expo stands can cost anywhere from 5k to 30k or more, depending on the customization and size you require. So, be prepared for a premium price tag if you want a modular exhibition stand tailored to your company organizing needs!

What’s the importance of traffic flow analysis in exhibition planning?

Traffic flow analysis is crucial in exhibition planning to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience of corresponding exhibition for visitors.

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