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How To Attract More Customers To Your Burger Joint: Proven Marketing Strategies

By Nikita Nielsen · 9. May 2024

Is your burger🍔 joint struggling to pull in the crowds? Many face this challenge, but here’s where promotion works wonders.

This article will guide you through some tried and tested strategies to fill out your burger joint in no time! 

Key Takeaways

  • Offer promotions like discounts and freebies to draw in crowds. Let customers taste your burgers with free samples on busy streets or events.
  • Team up with influencers and media personalities. They can help promote your burger joint to their followers.
  • Post eye-catching photos and videos of your burgers on social media. Engage with customers by responding quickly to their comments and messages.
  • Create a welcoming atmosphere at your place. Add comfy seats, bright colours, cool lighting, and free WiFi to make people want to stay longer.
  • Listen to customer feedback and use it to improve. Reward loyal customers with special perks through loyalty programmes and email marketing campaigns.

Using Promotions and Special Offers

young woman holding a burger young woman holding a burger

You can attract more customers to your burger joint by offering irresistible promotions and special deals.

Get creative with discounts🔖, giveaways, and teaming up with popular influencers.

Discounts and freebies

Everyone loves a good deal, especially when it comes to delicious burgers. Rolling out discounts and freebies can quickly draw crowds to your burger joint.

Imagine biting into a juicy, mouth-watering burger that you got at a steal – that’s the kind of experience you want to offer.

It’s not just about slashing prices; it’s about creating excitement around your offers, and free samples are like teasers of what’s in store. They let customers taste the magic without committing to a full meal.

Picture handing out mini versions of your signature burger on a busy street corner or during local events…suddenly, everyone knows what they’re missing!

This strategy turns passersby into potential customers, eager for more.

Free samples

Giving away free samples can be a game-changer. Imagine walking by and catching the scent of a sizzling, fresh burger. Now, imagine someone hands you a bite-sized version of that deliciousness for free.

It’s an invitation to try something new and tasty at your burger joint. This small gesture can turn passersby into customers, sparking interest in those who’ve never considered stopping by before.

Handing out samples also shows confidence in your product. It screams, “Our burgers are so good, we know you’ll want more after just one bite!”

Plus, it opens up the door for immediate feedback—which is always golden—for adjusting recipes or service where needed. And let’s be honest… Who can resist the charm of getting something for nothing? Especially when it’s paired with the promise of more mouthwatering meals inside.

Collaborating with influencers and media personalities

Team up with influencers and media stars to put your burger joint on the map. Everyone loves a good recommendation, especially when it comes from someone they admire or follow online.

By partnering up with these popular figures, you’ll draw in their fans, eager to try out the burgers that got a shoutout. It’s like having a friend excitedly suggest a must-visit place, but on a much larger scale.

Getting an influencer to post about your signature burger can create buzz like no other.

Imagine the flood of customers after seeing their favourite Instagram foodie devouring one of your creations-they won’t want to miss out.

Harnessing the Power of Social Media and Online Presence

man holding fresh delicious beef burger man holding fresh delicious beef burger

Grab attention on social media with eye-catching burger content that stands out.

Engage with customers by responding to comments and messages promptly, creating meaningful interactions that enhance the customer experience.

Eye-catching visuals

Photos of juicy burgers🍔 and crispy fries can really make mouths water. That’s why posting stunning pictures online is a must.

Bright, vibrant shots catch people’s eyes, drawing them into what your burger joint is all about.

Show off that signature burger or those unique side dishes with flair!

Videos work wonders too, as they bring your food to life. Imagine capturing the sizzle of patties on the grill or the gooey stretch of cheese. It’s not just food; it’s an experience waiting to happen.

And when customers see these visuals on social media, they’re more likely to hit ‘like’, share with friends, and – best yet – come in for a bite themselves. Keep it fun and lively; let your personality shine through every post!

Engaging with customers

Talk to your customers like old friends. Use social media to chat, share stories, and listen to what they want from your burger joint.

Ask for their opinions on new burgers or what special they’d love for the weekend. This interaction makes them feel valued and part of your community.

Show behind-the-scenes clips of how you make your famous burgers, or introduce your cheerful staff. These glimpses into daily life at your place create a strong connection, making customers eager to support you.

And don’t forget—responding quickly online shows you care about their thoughts and experiences.

Creating a user-friendly website

Make your website a breeze to use on desktop and mobile phone. Include an easy-to-find menu and clear options for online orders.

This caters to those folks who’d rather click their way to a delicious burger than make a phone call.

Add photos of your burgers that’ll make people’s mouths water and pop in some reviews from happy customers.

And don’t forget to optimise for search engines so folks hunting for the best burgers land right at your digital doorstep.

Next up: boosting that customer experience like a pro!

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Create an inviting ambience that makes customers feel relaxed and welcome. Want to know more about attracting more customers to your burger joint?

Creating an inviting ambience

To draw in more customers to your burger joint, the vibe of your place has to be welcoming. Think about comfortable seats where folks can chill and enjoy their burgers.

Brighten up the space with lively colours and cool lighting—it sets the right mood.

Hang some quirky art or local posters on the walls. This makes your space not just a place to eat, but a spot people want to hang out at.

Also, don’t forget tunes! A killer playlist can keep those buns—and moods—bouncing. Offer free WiFi too, especially if you want to attract people looking for a corner to work or chat over juicy burgers.

These touches show you’ve thought about more than just food—you’ve created a whole experience. And that’s what gets people talking and coming back for more.

Implementing customer feedback

Listen to your customers’ feedback📝 and make changes accordingly.

Respond promptly to customer comments, reviews, and suggestions on social media platforms and review sites.

Use customer surveys or comment cards to gather specific feedback about the food, service, and overall experience at your burger joint.

Utilising loyalty programmes and email marketing campaigns

Reward your loyal customers with exclusive perks and discounts through a well-designed loyalty programme. Encourage repeat visits by offering enticing incentives and personalised rewards.

Leverage email marketing campaigns to stay connected with your customers, sharing exciting promotions, special offers, and tempting new menu items directly into their inboxes.

Keep them engaged and eager to return for more mouth-watering burger experiences.

You can also boost customer engagement by implementing loyalty programmes and email marketing campaigns.


Attracting more customers to your burger joint is all about running promotions, engaging with customers on social media, and creating an inviting atmosphere.

Use eye-catching visuals, offer free samples, and collaborate with influencers to entice new visitors.

Listen to customer feedback and implement loyalty programs to keep them coming back for more. With these proven marketing strategies in place, you’ll have a lineup out the door in no time!


1. What’s the secret to getting more people through my burger joint’s door?

Think of your marketing like the perfect burger recipe – it needs a bit of everything. Start with juicy offers that make mouths water, throw in some sizzling social media posts to get them talking, and don’t forget top-notch customer service to keep them coming back for more.

2. Can throwing events at my burger restaurant widen my customer base?

Absolutely! Hosting events is like the cherry on top of the milkshake. It’s not just about eating; it’s about creating memorable experiences. From live music nights to burger-eating contests, make your joint the go-to spot for fun times and great food.

3. How do I use social media to attract a crowd?

Snap drool-worthy pics of your burgers and share behind-the-scenes videos of them sizzling away. Engage with your followers – chat, joke, and let them know their next favourite meal is waiting at your place.

4. What are tricks for drawing in more diners?

Word-of-mouth is golden, but you can also partner up with local businesses or charities for cross-promotions or community events. Not only does this show you’re part of the neighbourhood fabric, but it also gets people chatting about your delicious burgers without breaking the bank.

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