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Creative Interior Design Concepts for Burger Joints

By Nikita Nielsen · 15. May 2024

Opening a burger🍔 joint and want to stand out? One key area to focus on is interior design.

This blog post explores creative concepts that go beyond the ordinary, transforming your space into something special.

Get ready for fresh interior ideas!

Key Takeaways

  • Bold colours and graphics make a burger joint more appealing. Using vibrant hues and eye-catching visuals can grab attention, making the place memorable.
  • Fast food themed decor adds energy to the atmosphere. Incorporating playful elements creates an inviting space for customers.
  • Adding playful lighting sets your burger joint apart. Neon signs or dynamic lights create a fun environment that enhances dining experiences.
  • Use of industrial materials gives your burger joint an edgy look. Mixing raw concrete, steel, and reclaimed wood can craft a unique urban feel.
  • Incorporating nostalgic elements brings back memories for customers. Retro signage and vintage memorabilia add charm to the interior design.

Design Concepts Inspired by Fast Food Chains

young couple eating burger young couple eating burger

Fast food chains inspire design concepts with bold colours, playful lighting, and fast-food-themed decor.

Industrial materials and nostalgic elements also feature as part of the creative interior designs.

Bold colours and graphics

Bold colours and graphics create an inviting atmosphere and make your burger bar stand out.

They grab attention and tell customers what you’re all about before they even step inside, making your restaurant a memorable spot.

Graphics that reflect your brand identity can create a connection with customers. From mural art to menu design, creative visuals contribute to a unique dining experience that sets you apart from competitors.

Fast food themed decor

Fast food themed decor can give a vibrant and lively atmosphere to your burger joint interior design.

Using bold colours and playful graphics can create an energetic ambiance that resonates with your customers.

By incorporating nostalgic elements like vintage posters or retro signage amongst greenery and energy-efficient lighting, you can craft a unique experience for your customers while also embracing sustainability in your decor choices.

Playful lighting

Consider incorporating playful lighting to create a vibrant and lively atmosphere within your burger joint.

Accentuate your space with colourful neon signs, LED strip lights, and quirky pendant lamps to infuse a sense of fun and playfulness into the dining experience.

Invite your customers into an electrifying world by incorporating interactive light installations that complement your brand’s identity.

Use smart lighting solutions to effortlessly switch between various moods, catering to different times of the day or special events.

Use of industrial materials

Designing your burger joint with industrial materials can create a unique and edgy atmosphere, appealing to modern diners.

The strategic use of elements like brick walls, metal light fixtures, and distressed furniture adds character and authenticity to the space.

Such industrial material application helps establish a trendy environment that aligns with contemporary design preferences while maintaining a casual ambiance ideal for burger restaurants.

Nostalgic elements

When incorporating nostalgic elements into your burger joint’s interior design, consider utilising iconic retro signage and vintage memorabilia to evoke a sense of nostalgia among your customers.

Selecting classic colour schemes and furniture reminiscent of the 1950s diner era can further enhance the nostalgic ambiance.

By embracing these nostalgic elements in your interior decor, you can create an inviting space that resonates with customers on an emotional level while paying homage to the rich history of burger joints. 🕰️🍔

Minimalist and Sophisticated Designs

modern minimalist fast food joint modern minimalist fast food joint

Create an elevated dining experience with clean lines and geometric shapes. Neutral colour schemes and high-end materials enhance the sophisticated ambiance.

Neutral colour schemes

Neutral colour schemes are a key element in creating a minimalist and sophisticated design in burger joints. Think clean lines, geometric shapes, and high-end materials.

Creative interior concepts play a crucial role in transforming traditional burger joints into modern, appealing spaces that speak volumes about the brand vibe and values.

Clean lines and geometric shapes

Consider using clean lines and geometric shapes in your interior design to create a modern look, and showcase sophistication by incorporating minimalistic elements with high-end materials.

To ensure an elevated dining experience for your customers through sophisticated designs, embrace neutral colour schemes combined with sleek geometry that give a sense of refinement.

High-end materials

Burger joint interior designs can be elevated by the use of high-end materials such as luxurious woods, premium metals, and opulent stones.

Incorporating these elements adds a touch of sophistication to the space, creating an upscale ambiance.

The use of high-quality materials not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also ensures durability and longevity within the interior design, establishing a sense of timeless elegance.

For instance, Gasoline Grill defies traditional norms through its minimalist concept store by integrating high-end materials like marble countertops and custom-crafted furniture, epitomising a modern and refined approach to burger joint interiors.

Such strategic incorporation of superior materials elevates the overall dining experience while reflecting an exclusive brand image.

Fusion of Japanese and Western Aesthetics

Incorporating traditional Japanese elements with a modern twist, creating a unique and captivating atmosphere for your burger joint.

Explore the fusion of two distinct aesthetics to elevate your space’s appeal.

Use of traditional Japanese elements

Japanese design elements can infuse a burger joint with a unique and captivating ambiance. These may include shoji screens, tatami mats, and bamboo accents.

By blending traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern interior design, it creates an intriguing fusion that appeals to customers seeking cultural diversity.

Embracing these elements not only adds sophistication but also opens up new opportunities for branding and differentiation within the competitive restaurant landscape.

Burger joints such as Fuku Burger have integrated traditional Japanese elements into their interiors to create a distinctive dining experience, such as sliding doors and wooden lattice screens.

Incorporating elements of fast food culture

Integrate fast food branding with bold colours, playful graphics, and nostalgic decor to evoke a sense of familiarity. Industrial materials like exposed brick and raw wood create an authentic feel.

Ensure the lighting is vibrant yet cosy, resembling the ambience of traditional fast-food joints. Wendy’s interior design shows a shift towards fast-casual concepts, driving home that blend between speed and comfort in dining experiences.

Gasoline Grill challenged expectations by creating a minimalist concept store that redefines burger joint norms—proving that unique design elements can drive customer engagement.

Incorporating natural elements

Natural elements like greenery and plant walls can add a touch of freshness to your burger joint’s interior design.

A minimalist concept can incorporate potted plants to enhance the atmosphere. Greenery creates a welcoming environment in a fast-casual setting.

By integrating eco-friendly materials and sustainable furniture choices, you can design an environmentally conscious space that resonates with modern consumers.

These customers are seeking more than just a meal—they’re looking for an experience in a visually appealing and sustainable setting.

An industrial-style interior with open spaces and subtle natural accents aligns with the ever-evolving trend of sustainability within the food and beverage industry.

Embracing Sustainability🌿🌍

young people eating burger and drinking smoothies in an ecofriendly restaurant young people eating burger and drinking smoothies in an ecofriendly restaurant

Embrace sustainability through eco-friendly materials and sustainable furniture. Incorporate greenery, plant walls, and energy-efficient lighting for an environmentally conscious burger joint space.

Use of eco-friendly materials

Create an eco-friendly environment in your burger joint by using sustainable materials for furniture and decor.

Opt for durable yet stylish bamboo, reclaimed wood or recycled plastic furniture to enhance the ambience while reducing environmental impact.

Incorporate greenery and plant walls to purify the air and add a refreshing touch to your space, aligning with the growing trend of sustainable design elements in modern restaurant interiors.

Revamp your burger joint’s interior with energy-efficient lighting options that contribute towards creating an eco-friendly space.

Explore LED lighting solutions as they consume less energy while providing ample brightness, offering ideal illumination without compromising on style or functionality.

Sustainable furniture and decor choices

Sustainable furniture and decor choices are becoming increasingly important in the design of burger joint spaces.

By using eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient lighting, burger joint owners can create an environmentally responsible atmosphere that aligns with modern consumer values.

Incorporating greenery and plant walls also adds a refreshing touch to the interiors, enhancing the dining experience for customers.

For instance, Gasoline Grill’s minimalist concept store features sustainable wooden furniture that offers both durability and aesthetic appeal.

Burger joint owners can make a significant impact by opting for sustainable furniture and decor choices as they seek to create stylish and eco-conscious spaces.

Greenery and plant walls

Injecting greenery and plant walls into your burger joint can elevate the dining experience, adding a fresh and lively ambiance.

Incorporating plant walls can bring a touch of nature indoors, providing an inviting atmosphere for customers.

A minimalist design that embraces natural elements like greenery defies traditional expectations and brings freshness to your space.

Energy-efficient lighting

Energy-efficient lighting can significantly reduce energy consumption and costs for burger joint owners.

LED lights, for instance, use up to 80% less energy than traditional lighting options, providing substantial long-term savings on electricity bills.

Incorporating eco-friendly lighting solutions aligns with sustainable practices, setting an example of environmental responsibility.

Implementing energy-efficient lighting not only contributes to cost savings but also demonstrates a commitment to sustainability that resonates positively with environmentally conscious customers.


From bold, fast-food-inspired designs to minimalist sophistication and fusion aesthetics, the design possibilities for your burger joint are endless.

Embracing sustainability further enhances these innovative designs. Burger joint owners can draw inspiration from these trendy concepts to transform their spaces into unique, stylish destinations that offer more than just a meal.


1. What are creative interior design concepts for burger joint spaces?

Creative interior design concepts for burger joints include using trendy restaurant designs, innovative interior ideas, and modern aesthetics to create stylish and contemporary spaces.

2. What kind of decor should I consider for a trendy burger restaurant?

Consider incorporating original decor concepts, such as creative styling with unique furniture or artwork, to give your burger joint a stylish and contemporary look.

3. Are there any new trends in the layout of burger restaurants?

Yes, there are trendy interior layouts that focus on creating an inviting atmosphere with open spaces, innovative seating arrangements, and inspiring design elements tailored to the needs of a stylish burger restaurant.

4. Can I use creative concepts without spending too much money?

Absolutely! You can apply fresh interior decorating ideas using affordable materials and simple yet effective decor strategies to achieve a trendy look for your burger joint without breaking the bank.

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