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Paper bread bags vs. linen bread bags

By Nikita Nielsen · 4. July 2023

Paper bread bags and linen bread bags are great packaging solutions for bread and other baked goods, keeping them fresh while adding a special touch to their presentation.

However, each option has their own advantages that make them more suitable for specific uses.

This blog post will briefly cover the uses, customization options, sustainability, advantages, and disadvantages of both paper and linen bread bags.

What are paper and linen bread bags used for?

When it comes to packaging takeaway orders, paper bread bags are popular because they are convenient and easy for customers to take on the go.

One advantage of using paper bags for baked goods is that they allow the bread to breathe and help preserve its crispy texture for some time. However, they may not be the best option for keeping bread fresh for a longer period.

On the other hand, linen bread bags are ideal for storing bread and keeping it fresh for longer. Linen allows for good circulation, which ensures that the bread retains its moisture.

Therefore, they are often used for storing home baked goods in households, but they can also be used by some artisan bakeries or the like as takeaway bags.

The sustainability of the bread bags

Paper bags are a popular choice among businesses that sell takeaway and are looking to reduce their environmental impact with eco-friendly packaging.

The reason why paper bags are used as a sustainable solution is because they are made from renewable sources, and are biodegradable and recyclable. Some paper bags are even made from recycled♻️ paper.

However, paper bags aren’t meant to be reused like linen bags, and are rarely reused. Only if the paper bag is resistant enough, it can be used a few times.

On the other hand, linen bread bags can be washed and reused many times, also making them a sustainable option. Since they’re made from natural plant fibres, they are biodegradable and can break down in the environment, just like paper bags.

However, reusable bags are sometimes mixed with other materials such as plastic, which makes them non-recyclable.

Overall, the production of both paper and linen bread bags requires a lot of resources.

However, the production of reusable linen bags requires even more resources, and for them to have a low environmental impact, they need to be reused many times.

Customization options with the bread bags

Paper and linen bread bags offer many customization options and can be printed with logos, designs and more.

In addition, they are available in many sizes and can be customized for different types of baked goods such as baguettes.

However, they do differ in terms of available printing methods and the end result of the printing due to their material.

Custom paper bread bags are especially popular with businesses that do takeout, as they allow them to create a distinctive brand image for their products through the many printing options.

Linen bread bags can also be printed, but due to their rougher texture than paper bags, the detail and resolution of the printed design may be limited.

Paper bags generally offer a higher level of detail and brighter colors due to their smoother texture.

However, linen bags can still be printed with high-quality designs in softer colors, giving them a sophisticated look and making them an excellent choice for businesses specializing in high-end baked goods or artisanal products, as well as for individuals who want to present their home baked goods in style.


Paper bread bags are a convenient packaging solution that is primarily used for takeout, while linen bread bags are often used at home to store bread and keep it fresh longer.

Both options offer many customization and printing options, but paper bags offer a higher level of detail and brighter colors than linen bags due to their smoother texture. 

Paper bread bags are biodegradable and can be recycled🔄, while linen bread bags are biodegradable and reusable.

As for their environmental impact, their production requires a lot of resources and it ultimately depends on how they are used and disposed of.

Linen bread bags should be reused many times, and paper bread bags should be recycled so they don’t end up as waste in the environment.

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