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Designing white vs. kraft brown paper bread bags

By Nikita Nielsen · 11. December 2023

There are some important considerations that you need to keep in mind when designing your custom paper bread bags.

One crucial aspect is how the choice between custom white and kraft brown bread bags can impact the final print on the bread bags. 

Let’s talk about the differences and take a look at some great examples of both white and kraft brown bread bag designs from brands we have worked with.

Printing on kraft brown paper bread bags

Businesses, especially bakeries🏠, often choose these bread bags for their natural and rustic appearance.

Kraft brown paper has a natural fibrous structure that gives it a slightly rougher look and feel, and this affects the final design on the bread🍞 bag, especially if bold and vibrant colors are used.

This is because the absorbency of kraft paper results in a loss of intensity in the colors, making them appear more muted.

Although you can choose any uncoated Pantone color for your design, it is important to keep this factor in mind when choosing kraft brown bread bags.

If you want your design to stand out and look sharp, it’s best to opt for darker and more saturated colors such as black. Furthermore, keeping the bread bag design as simple as possible will ensure better printing results.

Check out the fantastic bread bag designs from brands artic Bakery and BROT & BUREK below, who have kept their designs simple with few colors and only their logo and text.


artic Bakery

Printing on white paper bread bags

White paper bread bags offer a clean and smooth surface that is perfect for printing designs with vibrant colors.

That’s why businesses looking for a colorful and vivid design on their personalised paper bread bags often choose a white background.

The white surface creates a clear contrast between the background and the printing colors, ensuring that the design really stands out and grabs all the attention. 

Take a look at these great designs from Bäckerei Bariş and Tisha Hygiene. Bäckerei Bariş has chosen a vibrant orange color for their logo, which creates a sharp contrast against the white background.

Tisha Hygiene chose a vibrant blue color to highlight and draw attention to the cloud design element in their logo. By using vibrant colors🎨 on a white background, both designs are sure to leave a lasting impression.


Choosing between white and kraft brown paper bread bags can have an impact on the final printed design.

Kraft brown bread bags have a raw, natural aesthetic and are best suited for simple designs and dark colors like black.

On the other hand, white paper bread bags have a clean and smooth surface, making them ideal for printing vibrant designs due to the clear contrast between the background and the printing colors.

These are factors that are important to take into account when designing the perfect custom paper bread bags for your business.

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